When it comes to food, most of us have our favorite food combinations decided. We all would love it when we get to taste our favorite food with some twist to it. For many, pizza is always meant to be cheesy and samosas are incomplete without potatoes inside them. Imagine awesome food mixed with other awesome food. Like a dosa been served with noodles inside. Sounds crazy, right? There are some foods that combine perfectly, with each ingredient complementing the other. Restaurants have come up with many new food combinations that look really good. And if you want to know which ones taste the best, then you should be brave and try them.
Here are a few food combinations that you should definitely try.

Mac and Cheese Burritos
Burritos filled with macaroni and cheese will definitely make you fall in love with it. We all have probably eaten macaroni with cheese, but have you ever thought of burritos stuffed with mac and cheese? You can either try it at a restaurant or at home. Mac and Cheese Burritos

Dark Chocolate Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Sandwiches are easy to make. When we are hungry and want to grab a quick bite, we often think of a sandwich. How about trying something new this time? A regular grilled cheese sandwich with some dark chocolate. If you're a chocolate fan, then you will definitely love this combination.Dark Chocolate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Chocolate Raspberry Pizza
If you're tired of eating the same old pizza and want to try something interesting, then you should try the Chocolate Raspberry Pizza. Melted chocolate spread over pizza bread with raspberries as toppings. It is really easy to prepare and not much time-consuming.Chocolate Raspberry Pizza

It is a combination of croissant stuffed with custard and chocolate. Often, we eat croissants filled with chocolates. It's time to try something different. This food combination will definitely make you crave more.Cronut

Pizza Fries
Fries go well with everything. And of course, who doesn't like pizza? How about combining both? The next time you are hungry for a snack, look for a restaurant that serves pizza fries. You will not regret it, we assure.Pizza FriesWhich of the above-mentioned combinations would you want to try? Let us know in your comments below.