Gigi Hadid is currently one of the most famous supermodels in the fashion industry. From walking at every major fashion week to being the face of numerous advertising campaigns, she’s everywhere! Apart from her professional style, Gigi Hadid is an inspiration for women all over the globe with her stand-out personal style. Always experimenting with her looks, she manages to pull off some of the most daring and odd trends and everything she wears becomes a fashion statement.

Today, on the supermodel’s birthday, we have listed down five outfits that only Gigi Hadid would dare to wear.

While we all love our comfy pajamas, we don’t really have the guts to rock them outside our bedrooms unlike Gigi Hadid, who made pajamas the new street style.

A sheer top, textured jacket, and plaid pants – not exactly a combination most people would want to opt for. However, Gigi Hadid makes it look like a piece of cake.

Denim on denim, especially in two different tones, is something most fashionistas wouldn't risk wearing. Gigi Hadid not only does so flawlessly but manages to look a million bucks too.

She makes sweatpants look chic. Two words we never thought we would use in the same sentence.

While pantsuits are the trend of the hour, Gigi takes the thing up a notch and stands apart in a metallic suit.

Image Credit – Getty Images

Here's wishing this bold fashionista a very happy birthday and we hope she continues to leave us inspired and in awe of her flawless style.