It’s Friendship Day weekend, and this seems like the appropriate occasion for you to renew the sacred vows of friendship with your friends. Now, everyone has their own way of honoring this commercial holiday- road-trips, pub-hopping, binge-drinking, movie marathons, embarrassing tattoos- the list is endless! And the longer the friendship, the more creative this list tends to be. But as you embark on a weekend of madness with your friends, to rejoice in another awesome year spent together, we thought you could use a friendly reminder about some Sacred Rules of Friendship that you should always keep in mind. No matter how high you are!!

You do not hit on your friend’s siblings, parents, girlfriends or ex. Not unless you want to see this expression followed by violence or crying or both.

You do not ditch your friends the minute you get a BF/GF. Because the fact is that your BF/GF will ditch you one day, but your friends will hang out with you forever (even when you’re old and fat).

You support them in all their stupid plans. Like watching Emraan Hashmi movies. Like having who-can-drink-more-tequila contests. Like Fireball.

You swear to clear their internet history, if they die suddenly. Nobody needs to know how crazy, nutty and perverse your friend is. Especially not their parents.

Ask them how they are doing, once in a while. And wait for the answer!

If you have friends who need to be reminded of some of these rules, just share this post with them, and enjoy the results for another year.