2016 is coming to an end and this year too, the world of fashion grew by leaps and bounds. We saw exciting designer collaborations, runway shows just got bigger and better, and several spectacular style trends ruled. 2016 has without doubt been an exciting year and we are convinced 2017 is going to be even better. As December fades, it is now time to forecast the trends for 2017 and note down what is going to be every woman’s wardrobe staple next year.

We took a detailed look at what ruled the runways, and according to our in-house style experts, these five trends are going to be big in 2017. Any guesses, ladies?

Plunging necklines

From Kendall Jenner’s plunging neckline dress for her 21st birthday to Chrissy Teigen's never-ending slit dress at the AMAs, slits are only going to get higher and necklines deeper in 2017.

5 Style Predictions for 2017- BookMyShow

Sheer skirts

While the sheer trend has been around for a while now, sheer skirts are the new ‘it’ piece of clothing.

5 Style Predictions for 2017- BookMyShow

Sneaker attack

The sneaker trend made a huge comeback this year. From the runway to the red carpet, designers and brands have incorporated this in almost all their collections and we believe this is going to continue in 2017, too.

5 Style Predictions for 2017- BookMyShow

Bare shoulders

From off-shoulder to one-shoulder, this trend is here to stay and is going nowhere in the coming year.

5 Style Predictions for 2017- BookMyShow

Pajamas and robes

Comfort dressing is what ruled at runway shows. Be it pajama pants, or the new bath robe trend, comfort is what 2017 is going to be all about.

5 Style Predictions for 2017- BookMyShow

Ladies, you now know which trends are going to rule in 2017. Are there any other trends you believe are going to be huge? Well, share them all with your friends to keep them in the know!