Do you want to look on fleek and be photo-ready all the time? It’s not that difficult to achieve. All you need to know are certain techniques to get the best results while doing your makeup. So, to help you with that, we have some easy and basic tricks for you that will give you flawless results every time. 

If you are an amateur at using makeup, this article will help you with some important pointers that many professional makeup artists follow. So, when you actually start exploring and experimenting with makeup, you could try these tips and see the difference yourself. Read on to know more.

Nourish your skin
Before you start doing your makeup, make sure that you cleanse your face and moisturize it well to avoid dry patches. You could also use a face pack or mask to hydrate your skin. This ensures that your foundation or your base makeup is smoothly and evenly applied on your face.
Let your eyes do the talking
Even when you have completely flawless skin, if your eyes lack that shine, you would end up looking tired or sick. And you definitely don’t want that. To avoid that you could use some eye drops to sooth your eyes. If you want to add some drama, you could darken your eyebrows, ditch the smoky eye look for a clean sweep of a black eyeliner (only on the lid), and to finish, gently curl your lashes.

Finding the right shade
To get this right, you need to know your skin tone. Most times finding the right foundation or concealer could be difficult; don’t be afraid to mix shades. If you have oily skin, make sure you dab some powder on your T-zone to make your makeup look seamless. Also, how and how much you apply the product, matters a lot. Always use the product in moderation so that you don’t end up with a cake face.

Highlight your features
 was a revelation. With that you could actually sharpen your features without investing in a good plastic surgeon. Along with contouring, make use of highlighters by applying them on the top of your cheekbones, nose, chin, brow bone, temples, and cupid’s bow (never forget!). When you do that, your features automatically get accentuated and you look even more stunning.

Statement lipstick
Choosing the right lipstick shade is also very important (a certain Miss World would agree). So, identify your skin tone and undertone. That will give you an idea about the shades that suit your skin. We know that dark lipsticks are in vogue now, but if you have thin lips you may want to reconsider that. Red lipsticks are classic and they go will with almost every skin tone. So while applying red lipstick, you could add a touch of lip gloss only at the center of your bottom lip to make your lips look fuller.

So, try these tips out and don't forget to share and comment below to let us know about your experience.