Weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise. Abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym. You are what you eat. These are some of the most commonly shared quotes in reference to weight loss. And guess what, all of them are true. The only way you can shed a few pounds is by following a healthy diet. Add a bit of exercise to your routine and boom, you’ll burn all that fat. If you’ve been struggling to lose some weight and aren’t sure about which diet to follow, read on to know about the most popular diets.

Raw Food DietRaw Food Diet

Do you always grumble about not having time to cook? If yes, you’re going to love the Raw Food Diet. While following this diet, you will only have to eat uncooked and unprocessed food. This means you will generally be eating fruits and vegetables.

5:2 Diet5:2 Diet

Imagine eating your favorite foods five days of the week and following a diet for only two days. Well, the 5:2 lets you do that. This doesn’t mean you can gorge on pizzas and cakes on the five days, but you can eat a good amount of calories. On the other two days, you will have to consume very little food, which would be around 25% of your daily needs.

Atkins DietAtkins Diet

If you loving eating rice, pasta, noodles, and desserts, this diet isn’t for you. The Atkins Diet makes you lower your carb intake and consume a lot of protein-rich foods like eggs, lean meat, cottage cheese, and lentils. So, get ready to replace that Creamy Penne Alfredo with some Grilled Cottage Cheese.

Paleo DietPaleo Diet

The Paleo Diet consists of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. However, you will have to exclude dairy and other processed foods from your meal plans. A lot of people have followed this diet and the results are said to be excellent.

GM DietGM Diet

It isn’t easy to follow the b Diet even though it’s just a seven-day meal plan. The diet lists the food items that you have to consume on each day and you can lose up to four kilos in a week. Unfortunately, the weight loss is temporary as most people tend to put on the kilos as soon as they go back to eating their regular meals.