When you complete your education and step out into the real world. You have high expectations for spending all the free time you will have and spend all the money you earn (in some cases, save the money). It all seems amazing until you are hit in the face with the level of commitment your job requires and you keep looking for that free time. Of course, weekends are yours but they are usually spent in resting (yes, that happens with everyone) or partying. The biggest loser in this scenario is your body, which doesn’t receive the care it deserves. Today is leave your work early day and we have compiled a list of fun things you can do and give your body some exercise at the same time. Fun and exercise in the same sentence doesn’t sound plausible, you say? Let us show you what we mean:

Take a walk

Exercise - BookMyShowCarry your sneakers to the office. While leaving, leave your office laptop in the office, don your sneakers and get ready to walk home. The city might seem a pleasant place and your evening will just get a little better. If pollution bothers you, a park is a great alternative.

Ride a cycle

Exercise - BookMyShowIf walking doesn’t seem very ideal, you can always buy/rent a bicycle and ride around the town. You can also invite your friends and make this a group activity. It beats going to the bars.

Attend a trial class

Exercise - BookMyShowYou always wanted to try that fitness dance that everyone is talking about. Go and attend a trial class and decide if you really want to continue. You also get to meet new people like that.

Paintball/ Laser Tag

Exercise - BookMyShowThere are centers that have these games in your town, if you haven’t noticed. Before you think whether this is relevant here, let us explain. These games get your adrenaline pumping and as you manoeuvre through the maze, scooting down when someone shoots and getting back up. This is the perfect combination of exercise and fun.

Clean your house

Exercise - BookMyShowYou have always complained that your house is dirty and have never found time to do anything about it. Reach for the ceiling cleaning all the lights and make the floor shine with some music in the background.

We have proved that you can have fun while exercising. On this Leave Your Work Early day, leave early, try one of these activities and see how it makes your day seem so much better. Comment below to let us know what you would like to try and don’t forget to share it with your friends.