Are you a good conversationalist? What makes someone a good conversationalist? The fact that you need to know a particular language, be it English or any other takes precedence here. Nowadays, being a good conversationalist is important in every context, be it in business, social, or dating. Your choice of words could be seal the deal or break it which is why every person should known a few basic tips and tricks. Now, this may not be an exact science but we do have five tips that could very well turn you into a good conversationalist. So peeps take notes.

Be genuinely interested
Curiosity kills the cat, not you. Be curious. Ask questions, like "who is this person?", "What’s on his/her mind?", "What does he/she enjoy doing?", "What motivates him/her in life?". Such genuine questions drive the conversation forward and you may have lots to talk about.
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Be attentive
Well, just being curious doesn't get you anywhere. You need to be attentive at all times and have an attention span more than that of a goldfish. What if he/she is not interested in beer and you order them one? It could very well backfire.
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Converse, not debate
A verbal exchange should be fun, engaging and healthy. Usually people get so involved in conversation that they pick up on stray comments and turn them in a ‘me vs you’ argument. It’s not a battle ground, it’s a platform to air your opinion.
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Embrace differences
Everyone is different. Everyone has an opinion. Embrace them for their ideologies and beliefs. Instead spark off a healthy discussion, which will unveil more about the both of you.
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Maintain eye contact
Maintain eye contact and give your partner physical and verbal cues while listening to them. Nod your head and maintain eye contact. At least look like you're interested in their opinion.
Good Conversationalist - Bookmyshow

Follow these mantras and see yourself become THE charm.