The last thing you do before leaving home is spraying loads of perfume, not just on you but your entire room, with someone always complaining about how much perfume are you spraying. But with all the travel and the humidity in the air, the fragrance is gone as soon as we are out of our homes. That is one complaint most of us have because we don’t really know the right technique of spraying perfume in the right places to make it last longer.
Science shows that smelling good all the time makes you feel more confident and enhances your overall mood. So, here we give you a few tips for your perfume to linger around longer and, you never know, those advertisements showing people getting attracted to you because you smell so sensuous may just turn true.

1. Buy the right kind
Most of us are wary of buying an expensive bottle because of the cost and also the fear of them not lasting long. So it is always essential to know what kind of perfume you are buying. The higher the concentration of the essential oils in the perfume, the longer it lasts. Make sure you buy an Eau De Parfum, which is more on the concentrated side. Here, is a chart describing the relationship between the concentration and longevity of a perfume, along with its cost.

Chart showing Concentration and Longevity of Perfume - BookMyShow

Choosing the right kind of base notes is also important. First, let’s know the difference between the 3 notes:
Top notes – the first scent you smell, when you immediately spray perfume
Middle notes – the scent that remains after the top note fades away
Base notes – the heaviest basal scent that lingers the longest
Strong base notes like vanilla, musk, pine and patchouli last longest. Citrus notes and floral scents fade quickly, so you might want to avoid buying these if you’re looking for something to last longer.

2. Spraying at the right places:
Spraying perfume on areas of your body which are always warm, i.e. your pulse points helps your perfume to remain longer. Your pulse points generate the right amount of heat which activates the perfume and helps the fragrance diffuse across your entire body. The pulse points on your body where you could spray perfume are wrists, below your earlobes, base of your throat, inner side of your elbows, inner side of your knees and ankles.
Also, did you know hair actually carries perfume the best. The perfume latches onto the hair fibres, leaving a trail of scent behind. So spray some perfume on your hair brush and comb it slowly through your hair.

3. How to make it last longer
Perfumes linger longer on oilier skin, so if your skin is dry, it’s important to hydrate your skin first before spraying perfume. Either spray immediately once you come from the shower since your pores are open and will absorb the perfume better or moisturize your skin nicely, and then spray perfume.
Always spray six inches from your skin when you’re applying the perfume.

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4. Storage:
As always, we ignore the finer details on everything we purchase. But when it comes to expensive perfumes, we can definitely go a mile further to make that moolah spent was worth the price. So always store your perfume in cool, dark places. Extreme temperatures affect the quality and longevity of your perfume. So remember – not too humid, not too cold and not much light.

5. What not to do
Though your wrists are pulse points, don’t rub your wrists against each other for the perfume to spread. Dabbing causes the base notes of the perfume to evaporate, not allowing your perfume to stay on longer.