New Year's Eve is just here and everyone's ready to party, except you. You, my friend, who has committed the punishable crime of being a teetotaller. You are still sitting there wondering if you should go out for parties where every one drinks, dances and has fun, and you just sit through it refusing every single drink offered. Or if you have been planning to host a party and call all your non-drinker friends, you know ain't nobody coming to that party. Because friends who don't drink? You have none.

Awww! Don't feel bad. It is fine to be who you are. You have your own choices, you have made your decisions and you should be happy about it. And if not being able to part-tay-ey is making you sad then we are here to help you with some cool stuff you can do. You just need some friends who are as cool as you are and the following party ideas!

Do crazy Mocktails
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The best part of organizing a party is that you make the rules. So, call your friends for a night of crazy yummy mocktails. A party at which you can just mock being drunk. You can even make them on your own- just get a lot of ice, fruits, soda and a mixer.

Go Organic – Nariyal paani Party
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You can also organize an Organic Party where only natural drinks would be served like coconut water, fresh fruit juices, and of course, water. You can also get tasty munchies to go along. Note: Organic Party may attract a lot of girls so be ready to welcome new people into the house.

Throw a Game Night
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Drinking and dancing on New Year's Eve is as cliched as it can get. You can call over friends for a Game Night. And by game we do not mean that you play charades, there are plenty of games that can be played between 2 or more people (like Mafia, Heads Up or any interesting Board Game). JFGI. And if your friends get their friends along you can play Sticker Stalker to break the ice and start the party in a fun way.

A Broke People's Initiative
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While New Year's Eve is celebrating the start of a new year, it is also the end of a month and like all the other 11 months, most of us will be broke. So, for a Broke People's Initiative, you need a few of your broke friends and some cheap and delicious street food, card games and some desi music. Also, alcohol is expensive so it won't be allowed.

Netflix and Ice-Cream
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If you fail to do all of the above, the best thing you could do is get yourself a freezer full of your favourite ice-cream and an internet connection. You can stay home and watch your favourite series or movie. It is always good to spend time with yourself.

Being a non-drinker is way cooler than it seems to be. We wish you a Happy New Year in advance and hope the suggestions above will be of help.

Do you have any other party suggestions for our teetotaller friends? Let us know in the comments below.