Bollywood has been setting trends since times immemorial. In a country where the people worship the celluloid stars and try to imitate their every whim, Bollywood decides what the latest cry is.

Cliches are cliches for a reason. With that caveat, let us go ahead and declare that history, indeed repeats itself. This is especially true when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. That which might seem cool and in-vogue today, was probably something you frowned at not very long ago. That old thing you found in your mum’s closet a few years ago? Why, it might just be the most chic thing you ever held (even though it seemed pretty dowdy and disastrous the last time you checked). Not just that, it might even be just the right print or just the right pattern. 

Fashion comes a full circle! What’s more, you did not even have to find obscure and pricey boutiques to find that perfect cropped top; it was right there, catching dust in the ignored stack of clothes. Yes, it is time you raided your mum’s old raiment!

Here are some Bollywood trends that have made a comeback.

Off-shouldered Tops and Dresses

Also called Bardot tops, these were quite the fashion statement back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, popularized by the vivacious Juhi Chawla. As of 2016, Bardot tops are back to being in vogue. Not only are they vastly comfortable, they are also a great way to show off those perfect collar bones.

Head Wreathes and Bouffant

A staple at music festivals across the country, head wreathes were the fad in Bollywood, back in the 70’s, which was also the Hippie era. With the revival of boho chic, many a young girl are seen donning the big hair and bouffant of the seventies.

High-rise Denim

Almost ubiquitous through the nineties, and even early naughties, the high-waisted denim pants have made their way back in the wardrobe of almost every trendy girl. A great way to hide flab and the stubborn love-handles, high-rise jeans are cute and comfy this.

Cropped Tops

Probably the biggest comeback from the 90’s, cropped tops are fun, girly and a great way to show-off your toned, flat midriff.

Over-alls and Dungarees

Also seen in the 90’s, over-alls and dungarees seem to have returned and become the rage and look like they are here to stay.

Pallazo Pants

Seen in the 80’s in Bollywood, Pallazo Pants are stylish and a great way to make a fashion statement this summer. Flowy and airy, if you baggy pants are your jam, you know it doesn’t get trendier than these.