The summer months are always a great time to travel. What is your favorite childhood memory? Chances are it's one of the many summer vacations with your family. Each trip comes with its own thrill and memories that stay with us for a long time. There is no doubt that we all love a short break from our busy lives. And in order to do so, we plan summer trips. Some like visiting new places in the country, while some go beyond borders and take on the adventure of exploring new countries. Whatever the vibe is you may be seeking, you would always look for a place tourist-friendly and affordable.
If you're the one who loves saving up in order to travel, then here are a few destinations that you should consider this summer.

Greece offers you picturesque landscapes, glorious beaches, impressive mountains, and more. Its multitude cafes and street corners serving authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine is a complete delight. If you plan on the budget for this destination, you will find this place surprisingly affordable and will find it worth every penny spent.

Egypt is a country soaked in history boasting of pyramids and structures as well as stunning scenery and coastlines. Cairo is an incredible city to explore, offering a glimpse into Egyptian culture. The ancient temples will leave a lasting impression in your memory. You can find many affordable holiday packages to Egypt. 

If you want to go somewhere with a completely different pace of life, why not check out Thailand? With its white sand beaches, dense jungles and bustling cities, you will feel this destination is worth a visit. The locals are friendly and the Thai culture makes it a wonderful place to visit as a tourist. You'll find a Thai holiday won't pinch your wallet much either.

Hong Kong
Dimsums, floating islands and one-of-a-kind skyline makes Hong Kong a desirable and popular tourist destination. Hong Kong offers you a glimpse of traditional Chinese architecture right alongside a modern town rising with the growing economy of the country. The night life is quite amazing and the accommodation is affordable as well. 

Stunning white sand beaches and an amazing underwater world, this is Maldives for you. Maldives is a perfect vacation spot where one can enjoy water sports, luxurious spas and can also just laze around at the beaches all day long. 

Singapore is one destination that is suited for all kind of vacations. Family, couple or solo, any kind of traveler would love to explore this beautiful coastal country. The Marina Bay, the Sentosa island, the Merlion are some of the most iconic places to visit in the city. These structures have given it recognition world wide. Singapore is one of the best places to visit any time of the year. 
Which one of these places would you like to visit? Let us know in your comments below.