Since the whole world is cribbing about how 2016 was the most terrible year ever, we thought we would put a happy spin to things and instead look at the bright side of things. And believe it or not, we found more than a few reasons to say that this was a pretty good year. Moreover, didn’t our parents always ask us to count all the good things that happened to us when times are bad? This makes the journey much smoother and easier. Yeah, it really works guys. So let’s look at seven reasons how 2016 brought a smile to our face and happily bid adieu to this topsy-turvy year.

Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar7 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn't All That Bad- BookMyShowThis one was like a victory for all of us. Fans all around the world were waiting for this moment. And we are sure we were just as happy as Leo when he won the trophy.

Netflix came to India7 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn't All That Bad- BookMyShow19 years after it was launched, Netflix finally made its way to India. The popular video on-demand service was one of the most awaited launches in the country.

The Blue-eyed Chaiwala7 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn't All That Bad- BookMyShow
An epic example of rags to riches. The blue-eyed chaiwala made headlines for his killer and photogenic looks. Netizens went berzerk about him and he has signed several modelling assignments and even a movie now.

Ok, let’s talk about the serious stuff now.

Rio Olympics7 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn't All That Bad- BookMyShowOur girls made us proud this year at the Rio Olympics. P V Sindhu became the first Indian woman to win a silver medal at the Olympics. Sakshi Malik became the first Indian female wrestler to win a medal while Dipa Karmakar became the first Indian female gymnast to compete in the Olympics.

Reshma Qureshi walks at the NY Fashion Week7 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn't All That Bad- BookMyShowAn acid attack survivor, Reshma walked the ramp at the New York Fashion Week this year and proved it to the world that nothing is more beautiful than a woman’s strength to showcase her true self. She is a true inspiration to every woman in the world.

Pandas aren’t endangered anymore7 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn't All That Bad- BookMyShowYes, you read that right. The adorable black and white animal species, which was once feared of becoming extinct, is no longer endangered. We bet that brought a smile to your face.

Fewer people are starving7 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn't All That Bad- BookMyShowFor years, mankind has faced the issue of under-nourishment and poverty. However, this year, there’s more food for people to consume. Fewer people are starving or malnourished. In fact, there are more people getting obese. Of course, people getting fatter isn’t a good sign from a health point of view but the fact that food is available to more people can never be a bad thing, can it?

See? We told you. It wasn’t that bad was it? So let’s celebrate these reasons and be thankful for all the good things than just complaining about all the bad things. You think you can add a few more reasons to this list, let us know in the comments below.