Yes, we agree. We agree that the amount of time Ted Mosby took to reveal the mother was too damn much. But it was worth it. And yes we too wanted to know what Barney does for a living, but sometimes we never get what we want.

Nine seasons, multiple stories, a few breakups, endless amount of love, and happiness. This show gave us all. We saw first love between Ted and Robin, true love with Barney, and consistent love between Lily and Marshal.

Maybe it was not the ending you were expecting but on the way to find a man’s wife, we stumbled across amazing stories, feelings, and laughter. 

But moreover, we came across a few amazing things that we will never forget. We list down for you the epic things HIMYM gave it to us.

1. Blue French Horn

When Ted decided to steal the Blue French Horn, it not reminded us our crazy- stupid first love but made us fall in love with them Ted and Robin, and we rooted for them through the entire show. It became a symbol of the things we are ready to do for love.


2. Bro Code

Barney Stinson created the Bro Code even before bromance was cool. The rules and regulations about responsibilities towards your bro is what we should live by. We all know how crazy and messy it gets between adults.



3. High Fives

Like, who knew these many high fives could exist. We were introduced to the world where the high fives were not bound by time, situation, or distance. * gives telepathy five*.


4. Canada

Basically, half of the things we know about Canada are probably because of this show and by, of course, our beloved Scherbatsky. The Canadian jokes never ever get old, so is their Maple Syrup. *sigh*



5. Interventions

And when you finally knew the way to confront your friends. Now and then, you need to show your friends the reality and what better than an intervention. You are welcome.


6. Suits

This is a show that made suits cooler way before ‘Suits’. Barney in a suit is all we cared about, literally. And, of course, that duck tie.


7. Life lessons

We learned about friendships, love, and life. We saw them struggle in their respective careers and their personal lives. We saw them triumph too. And in the journey to find the "Mother", we learned lessons that will be with us for a long long time.