Men love shoes. That’s a fact. It may go against the grain of archaic stereotypes but we love our shoes. Obviously, now a guy won’t talk about or rather brag about his wardrobe while chugging down his beer but the passion is still there. We have been faithful to certain brands, calculating our day-to day shoe rotation, doling out unsolicited advice to our friends on what to wear. Yes, we know our stuff and we know how to get the job done. But if you are unaware of what types of shoes are the best fit for you, then this article may help you with that. So buckle up!

This is a must for office goers to keep the HR off your back. They go very well with semi-formal wear. Also, they come with tassels, buckle or just plain leather. The choice is yours.loafer - Bookmyshow

Chukkas are multifaceted. Either you want to hit the bar on a Friday night or you work in a cubicle from 9-5, chukkas is your go-to friend. Plus their availability is so widespread these days that every shoe shop in every nook and corner of the street have them.Chukkas - Bookmyshow

Gym sneakers
You’re a bro! You lift and which is why this is a must addition to your collection. You need the right type of shoes to sweat in after a long cardio. While selecting them, make sure you look out for fabric, size and comfort. A good brand always ticks all the three checkboxes.

Every once in awhile you get tired of wearing the same encasing shoes all day long. Seems like your feet need a breather. Hence, a flip-flop is exactly what you need. They are the best when you are planning a trip to Goa or any sandy place for that matter.Flip flops - Bookmyshow

Casual sneakers
No matter what you brand you go for, these  small little things are your best friends. Whether you want to run to the grocery store or get your car’s oil changed, these are your buddies. Designed for comfort and not speed, they last for years simply because you refuse to throw them away.Casual Sneakers - Bookmyshow

Black leather dress shoes
Wedding, funeral, office party and occasional job interviews – there will always be some occasion that will need these pair of shoes. You don't need to invest a lot if you are gonna use them twice or thrice a year, just make sure they are comfortable and well taken care of.Black leather shoes - Bookmyshow

The first thing you put on at night and the last thing you take off. Keeps your toes nice and toasty during the long, hard winters. Don’t walk around your house or apartment like a neanderthal, exposing your foot fungus to the people you live with.
Slippers - Bookmyshow

Now that you know, it's time you go shopping.