Kala Ghoda Festival is one of Mumbai’s most colorful and artistic festivals that celebrates art in all forms. This is probably why it’s a dream of any artist to participate in this festival as it gives them a huge platform to present their art to the world.

Don’t worry, you don’t really have to be the “artsy” kind to participate or enjoy this festival. Kala Ghoda Festival gives you a lot of options to keep you busy and entertained throughout the week. You can participate in workshops, go for screenings and plays, attend heritage walks, musical concerts, and indulge in many more creative and interesting activities. And guess what? Most of these activities are free! Woot-woot!

So, if you are planning to attend this festival, we have some fun styling tips for you that will turn you into a work of art. Also, don’t be afraid to be creative and bring out your wacky side because who knows, you might just become an artist’s muse.

Dresses are playful and comfortable. Go for knee length dresses or cocoon dresses and create a boho or an edgy look.
Crop Tops
Wear crop tops with quirky slogans or bold and colorful prints. They always add some character to the whole look.

crop tops and colorful prints
Dungarees or Patchwork Jeans
Patchwork jeans and dungarees are in fashion right now. Team them up with plain t-shirts or crop tops. This is a classic look and it’s easy to pull off.

Dungarees or Patchwork Jeans
The Indian Hipster or the Patrakar Look
Cotton or khaki kurtas, Kolhapuri chappals, junk jewelry, ethnic bags, and so on are the essentials of this desi look. You can play with this look by adding modern elements and create an indo-western look.

Patrakar Look
Sun Shield – Shades and Hats
If you are going to be out the whole day, don’t forget to carry a funky hat or experiment with sunglasses. This will not just save you from the heat but will also complete your look.

Sunglasses and headgears
Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!
You don’t always have to dress loud to make a statement. If you accessorize right, you can create a stunning look even with a simple dress.

Experiment with Paint
Don’t be afraid to partake in face painting or opt for temporary body tattoos. They will make you feel that you are a part of this art festival.

Face Paint
Now that you know how to dress up for this festival, don’t forget to try this out and let us know about your experience below.