Zits are the absolute worst things that can happen to a person. Have you been preparing for a party for a really long time? Is it your best friend’s wedding? or worse, Prom? Just when you think you have everything ready, an ugly looking zit pops up and all your efforts to look fabulous seems to be going down the drain. While there are many reasons to explain why breakouts occur (hormonal changes, pollution), a lot has to do with what you eat. The list below is your guide to food products you should totally pass, in order to avoid zits.


While milk and yogurt are considered to be good for your body, cheese is one dairy product you should keep out of your diet. Not only does it contain a lot of fat but it also increases the production of insulin, which can cause breakouts almost instantly.


Coffee can be your best friend when you want to pull an all-nighter working or studying but when it comes to detoxifying your body, it’s as good as your enemy. The caffeine increases the level of your stress hormone which can cause zits. For a smooth skin, coffee is a complete no-no.

Fried Food

This one’s going to be hard to resist considering its Ramadan and there’s mouthwatering malpua and all sorts of fried food sold in almost every street. No matter how tasty, the grease present in them is extremely unhealthy for your skin.


Peru-Chaat‘ is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear guava. This fruit is extremely beneficial in Vitamin-C if eaten in moderation. Too much of guava can cause constipation and pimples.


No, your parents were not wrong when they said green vegetables are good for your body. A little spinach every day can leave you with flawless-looking healthy skin. Only too much of it can cause the iodine in it to react with your body and cause zits.

Spicy Food

Consumption of extra hot stuff can not only cause break outs and leave redness on the face but also damage your digestive system. This is a BIG no-no if you have a big day to look forward to.

Packaged Food

There is a lot of chemicals added into preserving canned food, which can cause allergic reactions, acne and indigestion too. Also, these food products are high in sugar and can lead to diabetes.


As much as meat is good for your body since its high in proteins, its equally bad for your skin because of its high fat content. It can leave you with an oily skin and eventually zits. Meat in moderation though, is not so harmful.

Not to forget one more thing, lots of water is also very important to keep your system clean and skin pimple free. Now that you have a guide to flawless skin, keep glowing!