If you’ve grown tired of the same old look and want to try something new and fresh for a change, you could! But before you go ahead and take the plunge, we suggest you keep in mind that your face shape has a lot to do with whether a cut looks good on you. Why is that so important? Because even a well-cut hairstyle worn on the incorrect face shape, results in a disaster! Obviously, there is nothing more satisfying than choosing the right hairstyle that will enhance your features.

Before we tell you which hairstyle will suit you perfectly, let’s go through how you can determine your face shape.

1. Tie your hair in a ponytail. Look into the mirror.

2. Focus on your jawline and see if your face is round, long, oval, square or heart-shaped.

3. If you have a sharp angle where your jaw turns to meet your ear- Congratulations! You can pull off almost anything.

4. If your jaw is sloping and long, avoid short styles or wearing your hair up.

You can now scroll down to find out which hairstyles would suit you!

Round Face
If this is your face type, what you need to do is create the illusion of length. Getting your hair at the height of your cheeks is not recommended. This makes your face appear rounder.

In order to balance that out, here are some ideas:

Side-Swept Long Hair
Long hair lengthens your face. You should opt for a middle or deep-side parting to make the face appear longer. A side fringe also works.
Side Swept - BookMyShow

Medium Length
Go for shoulder-length hair if you do not want long hair. Making layers under the chin will help lengthen the face.
Medium - BookMyShow

Long Layers
Symmetrical layers ending at specific points on your face, like the chin or cheekbones, usually make the face look narrow.
Long Layers - BookMyShow

Note: If your neck is also round, choppy layers around the neckline will downplay any plumpness.

Long Face
If you have a long face, you need to make it appear wider. Long, shapeless styles and straight bobs only elongate further. In order to achieve width, you could opt for one of these:

You could consider getting bangs. They make your face appear shorter because they cover a large forehead. Go for blunt, long or side-swept bangs.
Long Face - BookMyShow

Chin-length bobs
Chin length bobs are an ideal choice to create the illusion of width.
Chin-length bob - BookMyShow

Although long hair is a complete no-no, you can break this rule if you have waves or curls. They will add width to your face.
Long - BookMyShow

Oval Face
This is a very versatile face shape and almost any hairstyle looks just as good. If you would love to enhance your features (who doesn’t), here are some ideas :

Long Wavy
This comes in handy if you have an oval face and wavy hair. A below-the-shoulder length works best.Long Wavy - BookMyShow

Straight Bangs
If your hair is straight, this could create the perfect outline for your pretty face.
Oval Bangs - BookMyShow

Short Layers
An above-the-shoulder haircut will frame your face. However, if your scalp is not as beautifully shaped, be careful when it comes to an uber-short look.
Oval Layers - BookMyShow

Square Face
This face shape offers great angles and well-defined features. In order to compliment your face shape, you need to soften jawlines and highlight your features. Here are some ideas that could help:

Straight cut with bangs
To highlight your bone structure, create a straight frame with defined and precise lines. A straight cut with bangs is a perfect way to enhance your natural beauty.
Straight Cut - BookMyShow

Angled bob
An A-shaped, chin-length cut will elongate your neck and face. Wondering if you should let it be straight or throw in some messy waves? Totally upto you. Both work!
Angled bob - BookMyShow

Heart-shaped Face
If this is your face type, you should consider emphasizing your cheekbones, accentuating your eyes and detracting attention from your pointy chin. Here are ways to do it:

To give volume to your face, a layered haircut brushed outwards and inwards works best. It makes your face look fuller.
Multi-layers - BookMyShow

To add extra volume to your hair and to soften your chin area, long and soft voluminous waves work perfectly fine.
Waves - BookMyShow

Pixie crops of all styles suit a heart-shaped face.
Pixie - BookMyShow

Note: If you have an upside-down heart, make sure there is fullness at the top of the head instead, to balance out the chin.