We all love to travel, don't we? The summer months are always a great time to travel. The summer season on a daily basis is draining out all of our energy and we are already so tired of it. What can make things fall back in line is a good vacation. Many of us plan things out well in advance when it comes to traveling. We all love to take a trip to our favorite destinations at least once a year. Amidst of all the traveling and planning, have you ever asked yourself if you're a traveler or a tourist? Honestly, it's not really difficult to figure out who you are, a traveler or a tourist?
Here are a few signs to help you differentiate between a traveler and a tourist.

1) Tourists: Click pictures for social media.
Travelers: Capture things, so that they have something to look back at.

2) Tourists: Might carry a large suitcase for just a 3-day trip.
Travelers: Carry a backpack full of essentials for a month long trip.

3) Tourists: Will explore and enjoy the beauty of the destination.
Travelers: Will explore and appreciate the beauty of the journey.

4) Tourists: Will often visit places with their friends and family.
Travelers: Are most likely to take on a solo trip and make new friends along the journey.

5) Tourists: Before a trip, they will always ask for suggestions and do a detailed research about the destination.
Traveler: A traveler will often discover the beauty of the place wherever the journey leads.

6) Tourists: An iPod, laptop or a good book will be found in a tourist's bag.
Travelers: A pen and a journal will definitely find a way in a traveler's bag.

7) Tourists: Will always make the trip a memorable one for his travel buddies.
Traveler: A traveler shares life stories with the ones they comes across and not just make their journey a memorable one but for others as well.