When we were kids, we had our favorite comics. Some of us found solace in the world of Batman, some of us leapt feet first into the Marvel universe, some of us had a few laughs with Asterix and we all read the adventures of Calvin and Hobbes. As the years went by, these worlds were left behind. Our imaginations and our fantasies were cast aside. The world of adulthood beckoned. Funny thought, that is. In our hurry to grow up, we forgot the lessons of our comics and graphic novels. We swapped our wild worlds for the mundane and grey.  Inside each and every one of us, lives that crazy kid. The one that looked at the clouds and saw, instead of suspended water vapor, mega battles raging between giant robots and superheroes or heroines (no one said that there aren’t awesome superheroines out there, they just haven’t been given their due).

Imagine your life right now if you had some of the awesome gadgets and superpowers that you read about. What would be the result? What would you do?
Here are a few ideas for a few awesome gadgets and superpowers, which you could use in your day-to-day life:
1) Batman’s Smoke Grenade: This is a must-have gadget for the growing child. Helpful whenever cornered by bullies or teachers who ask for the unfinished homework. You can also use this when you are asked by your girlfriend whether or not she has gained weight. Drop one pellet onto the ground and make your escape. No more pointing in a random direction and shouting “look at that amazing thing that you have to turn to look at”.
2) WonderWoman’s Lasso of Truth: All right, girls, this one is for you. This lasso of truth is best used when you need to get a straight answer from your significant other. Guys, you already have the smoke grenade. So ladies, use this lasso whenever you have to go shopping and your better-half says that “You look lovely in that dress” or “I wasn’t looking at her backside, I was just admiring her jeans”.

3) Green Lantern’s Ring: This amazing ring isn’t a gadget that should be used lightly. You must believe and also remember it is only limited by the power of your imagination. By using this ring, you can make hard light projections of whatever takes your fancy. I suggest you use this ring to do everything in your life, even something as mundane as cleaning up after your dog. Forget about hanging up your clothes to dry, just put them in a green bubble, float them up to the sun and solar toast your undies.

4) Thor’s Hammer: Ah, Mojlnir, the hammer of Thor. Can be used to summon lightening or hammer some nails. But if you are really feeling like being naughty, place the hammer on the toilet lid of your enemy. Then sit back and watch as they struggle to lift the lid. You can also use this hammer as a very nice iron for your wrinkled clothes. Or your cape (your choice, if you decide to wear a cape).

5) Ironman’s Suit: Can be used to explore space, dive underwater or even used as a butler. With Jarvis in control of the suit, you have the best personal assistant there is. One who is capable of making a nice gin and tonic while simultaneously capable of blowing up a tank. Remember not to drink and suit up. And also use talcum powder in the groinal area, there could be chafing.
6) Nightcrawler’s Blink Ability: This is the ability to teleport. Imagine having that skill. You wouldn’t have to walk anywhere. Just a quick “Bamf!” and you are instantly at another place. You can use this ability whenever the mother-in-law comes around or if someone who is equally painful drops by your cubicle.
These are just a few of the superpowers and gadgets that can be used for personal use. Let’s hope that science catches up and gives us these amazing gifts. Until then we will just have to make do with movies. So ladies and gentlemen, tell us, what would be your favorite ability and how would you use it to make your life better?

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