Self-love simply means to feel powerful in the skin we’re in and not try and change or hide any of our “imperfections”. Gone are the days when you were expected to feel bad about your body and think about others who judge you purely on the basis of your outer beauty. We strongly believe that each and every one of us is beautiful in our own way and it’s time we embrace ourselves for who we are. And we are guessing that is where Movemeant Foundation, a body-positive organization that promotes self-esteem through physical activity, got the idea of this inspiring #BellyJelly Revolution. What is the thought behind this? If baring your stomach at the pool, beach or even at the gym gives you the jitters then this one is for you. Read on to know exactly what the revolution is all about.

Be a Badass and Own That #BellyJelly- BookMyShow

Well, they are simply asking you to accept your belly fat aka the 100% normal way your belly jiggles when you move without feeling shy. And why not? Running around in your sports bra can be insanely empowering (you will know what we are saying when you watch the video).

The video says that everyone, including a model or an athlete that you idolize has belly fat and no one should be ashamed of it.

Be a Badass and Own That #BellyJelly- BookMyShow

Neither of the girls in the video are even a tad bit self-conscious about their belly jelly and that in itself gives you the inspirational feels and makes you realize that it’s just your attitude towards your so-called “imperfections” that really messes your head.

So girls, shed all your inhibitions and let people think whatever they want to. Because haters gonna hate but we just have to remember and remind ourselves at every moment that we are nothing short of beautiful.