Once in a while (sometimes more than that), we all have slept through the alarm(s) we set the previous night. And what does that result in? Running late for work. It is not always easy to put yourself together when you're freaking out about being shouted at or missing a meeting. Plus, no amount of time in the morning is really enough now, is it?

If you're worried about how to look presentable when you're running late, you need to relax. We have put together a few doable beauty tips that might just help you. Are you ready then? Well, here you go:

1.You can create waves by passing a flat iron over your braids, a few times. Once they cool down, undo them.

Voila!Braid - BookMyShow

2. If you want to do something different without wasting too much time, just tip your head upside down. Grabbing three strands, begin a Dutch braid. Next, pull your hair into a pony and secure it with an elastic. To finish, wrap your hair in a messy bun. And don't forget to secure it!
Dutch Braid - BookMyShow

3. Waking up to bangs that are out-of-control? Don't worry. Just style them into a boho twist.Boho twist - BookMyShow

4. Anti-frizz products contain hydrating ingredients that keep your hair looking smooth. If you ever run out of anti-frizz cream, you could use a hand cream or a body lotion that contains glycerine or coconut milk instead.
Hair Frizz - BookMyShow

5. If you want your hair to smell nice when you flip it, you could freshen up your hair by spraying some perfume o your hairbrush. Make sure you don't spray it direrctly onto your strands, as the alcohol could cause your hair to dry out.

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1. If your mascara isn't done with precision, use a clean toothbrush to declump your lashes.
Toothbrush - BookMyShow

2. To minimize the amount of mascara on your eyelid, just use your ID as a shield. Place it against your upper lash line. This will ensure that your mascara doesn't get all over your eyelid.ID - BookMyShow

3. Instead of using an eye liner, you could smudge your mascara to create a lined eye. To smoothen out the smudge into a straight line, use an angled brush.
Eye Liner - BookMyShow

4. To create the perfect eyebrow, underline your brow and trace the top to the shape of your choice. Next, use a brush to blend. To finish, use a tinted brow mascara to fill sparse spots.Eyebrow Mascara - BookMyShow

5. You can actually perfect a smokey eye, without spending much time on it. Using a fluffy brush for eyeshadow application, extend it beyond the outer corner of the eye. Just take a makeup wipe, swiping away the shadow at the outer corner of your eye.Makeup Wipes - BookMyShow

6. Fix that stain on your skin from coloring outside of your lip, by using concealer.Concealer - BookMyShow

7. To those of you who are eternaly late, a medium-coverage tinted moisturizer is a good investment. It saves you the time between prepping your face and actually putting makeup on.Tinted Moisturizer -BookMyShow

If you're in a hurry and want your nails completely dry before stepping out, dip your fingertips in ice cold water. This will help harden the nail paint.
Ice Cold Water - BookMyShow

We hope this helps!