Bidding Adieu To Obama: Remembering The President For The Person He Is

The new President is here and while we haven't yet accepted the truth, let us remember America's ex President, Barack Obama. Obama was more than just a President and this was evident with the kind of memories he has made on camera. One of the few presidents with whom the citizens were able to strike a chord and identify on a personal level, Obama will certainly go down in history as one of the most significant presidents of the USA.  
As we wish Mr. Trump a fruitful presidential tenure, let us just go back and relive the many shades of Obama's all pervading personality. 

The Dream Husbandobama-as-husbandWhen the President of America openly indulges in adorable PDA, all the boyfriends out there need to learn the art of wooing from this man. Where else can you find the most important man on Earth teasing, dancing and kissing his wife publicly. They make the perfect couple with their downright genuine but cute husband-wife banter.  

The perfect father obama-as-father-compressedOnce a father, always a father. Let's just say Obama is a family man and for him personal is Presidential and vice versa. Obama has the perfect attendance when it comes to his daughters' parent-teacher meetings.  Obama is also seen helping his younger daughter, Sasha, at hoops. Dinners are special at the Obama household, as the latter dines with his family five times a week.  

The compassionate humanitarian   obama-humanitarianAn African-American himself, Obama empathizes with the victims of hatred and bigotry. When the whole country is against absorbing the refugees in crisis, Obama called out loud and clear in support of the refugees and against the idea to create a border wall between US-Mexico.

He was the pioneer of the Nuclear Security Summit and is always vocal about his reservations against war, segregation, racialism, terrorism and all things inhuman.  
To be a standup citizen today, one needs guts and Obama has lived up to the expectations of the weakest. 
And if facts don't suffice, he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Do we need to say anything more?  

The all benevolent politician benevolent-compressedBe it for homosexuals, immigrants, refugees, women or children, Obama has cared for all the sections of the society. Be it his visit to a mosque in Malaysia, emotional responses in times of wars or disasters, or his historic visit to Cuba, Obama never fails to surprise the world with his too-good-to-be-true (or politically motivated humanitarian) strides.   

Mr. Coolmr-compressedWhen everyone is losing their head, one can expect Mr ex-President to remain calm throughout (maybe Michelle Obama should get the credit for that). You can find him giving eccentric poses with Olympic gymnasts, running around with random kids, making faces at them, playing hide and seek or just letting an inquisitive kid touch his hair. He is just too cool to be the President of the USA. 

The human side of Obama mr-compressed-1Anger, happiness, sadness, laughter, humor, love, friendship – add what you want to the list and we have seen Obama with all these emotions. And how we all cried with him in his moments of despair be it during the gun speech or his campaign or when he remembered his grandmother. Awww… 

Mr. Witty last-compressedIf someday Obama finds himself with no job, he can definitely become a stand up comedian. Even his speechwriters have agreed to the fact that Obama has a peculiar yet funny side to his personality, with perfect comic timing. Now, who would not want a president who can crack jokes when the citizens need it the most.  

— Gladis Monteiro