Big Boss This Week

It's only the second week in the Bigg Boss house and the contestants have already raised quite a storm. The division between "celebrity" and "common man" has managed to split the members into two different teams. While the celebrity contestants are trying their best to be at 'par' with 'India-Waale', the latter seem to be a step ahead in keeping the audience entertained. 

For those who have been religiously tuning into the show, you know exactly what we're talking about but for the ones who have not been able to catch up, worry not, here's an update of all that went down the last week and all you have missed.

The Theme of the Show

While it is very common to invite participation from known faces, extending the same to the not-so-known is what makes this season different from the others. We see popular faces like Gaurav Chopra, VJ Bani, Rohan Mehra, Karan Mehra, to name a few but joining them are commoners Akanksha Sharma, Priyanka Jugga, Nitibha Kaul, Lokesh Kumari, Manoj Punjabi, Naveen Prakash, Manveer Gurjar and our very favorite Baba Om.

The Fights

From the very first day, the members have been divided into two teams, which one might say, is a major cause for all the trouble brewing in the house. In the initial days, we only saw Priyanka fighting with everyone. A huge brawl between commoner Manu Punjabi and the shy looking Rohan Mehra soon followed too. 


The Bigg Boss Jail was inaugurated by Rohan Mehra, who was punished by the angry Priyanka Jugga for throwing water on her. Soon followed Swami Om and Bhojpuri actress Mona Lisa who were termed as the weaker contestants for the week.


First week nominations put two commoners and two celebrities in the danger zone. While the India-Waale thought Gaurav and Mona were not fit to be in the house, the celebrities thought the same about Priyanka and Manoj. Nevertheless, it was all upto the audience to decide who leaves the house.

The Lecturer

Finally came Shaniwaar ka Vaar with Salman Khan when he, the lecturer, gave contestants, doses for their deeds beginning with Priyanka for accusing Naveen and his mother to Manu, for criticizing the food made by celebrities and of course, Swami Om for threatening fellow contestants.

The First Eviction

While Mona, Gaurav, Manu and Priyanka were nominated for eviction by members of the house, the axe fell on Priyanka eventually. Post her departure, the housemates seemed rather relaxed.

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