Monsoon is here and most of us adults like to keep it dry while it rains and there are many reasons behind it. We don’t want to get sick, we don’t want to look bad in wet clothes, we care about our hair and skin, etc. But, somewhere within a responsible adult lies a kid who wants to go out there and dance in the rain.

We have a simple hack here for enjoying the rains – go swimming while its raining. Yup. It’s a lot of fun and why give those swimwear you picked up last summer a break? It’s a good enough deal except, choosing a swimwear can be a tricky job.

Accepted, bikini shopping is a frustrating job, especially when you have no idea what’s best your body type or what’s your body type for that matter. Sometimes it gets too much of covering and sometimes a little skin show. No worries, here we have a list of different type of bikinis that are available and a little hint of the one that would likely look best on your body type.

String Bikini
Best for:
All kinds.
String Bikini - BookMyShow
These bikinis are scantier and more revealing, perfect for athletic bodies and women who are light on the upper side of the body. Those who are on the bulkier side can go with thicker straps for the much needed support or double-stitched bands for more flattering results.

Best for:
Curvy Babes
Monokini - BookMyShow
This is a one-piece suit that ranges from only bottoms to a full cover swimwear. Every one can wear these as they are good enough for you if you’re skinny and they help you hide that extra pound if you don’t want to show it. Those with wide shoulders can go with a solid-colored suit with side prints to get an hourglass feel. Those with a rectangular body can go a little creative with backless monikinis and side cuts. Those who are a little not comfortable with their stretch marks showing, ladies this is what you need.

Best for: Size Zero
Microkini, as the name suggests, is the extremely skimpy swimwear that is just enough to cover the legal limits of decency. These kinds of bikinis are the best for who really want the sun to shower them Vitamin D. These can be donned by anyone who feels comfortable on the outside and confident within.

Best for: Apple-shaped females

Tankini - BookMyShow
Tankinis are swimwear that has a tank top as the upper part of the pair. They are of different sub types as well Camikini (with spaghetti straps) and Bandeaukini (bandeau as top). This kind had a lot of variations and one has a lot of variety to choose from. Those with a little tummy pouch can go with a little flair in the tank top. Ladies with mesmerising collarbones can go with a Bandeau and set a statement.

–Camikini – Triangle Body Type

Camikini - BookMyShow

–Bandeaukini – Hourglass Body Type
Bandeaukini - BookMyShow

Best for: Rectangular shaped girls

Trikini - BookMyShow
Trikini is defined as a handkerchief and two small saucers. The top essentially has two separate triangular pieces of cloth and the third to cover the bottom. This bikinis can be worn by girls who have a rather flat body as the triangular shape with help accentuate the curves. These can also be worn by girls who have a relatively short torso as the halter straps draw attention to your neck and shoulders.

Best for: Women with love handles

Hikini - BookMyShow
Hikini are those with a high-waist bottom. This kind gives a retro chic look to the beautiful ladies and also hides the belle deposit. You can go crazy with the top. You can try different kind of necklines to balance your wide shoulders. You can wear tube tops to highlight the love handles. Try embellishments or ruffles to add a little something extra to the top.

Sling Bikini
Best for: Ruler-shaped body
Sling Bikini - BookMyShow
Sling bikinis are also one-piece swimwear and can be called a sub-type of monokini. It just provides a little less coverage than the bikinis. This are perfect for ruler or rectangular-shaped body types as it adds a curvy effect.

Best for: Girls with fuller thighs/Pear Shaped bodies.

Skirtini - BookMyShow
Skirtini is a combination of a bikini top and a skirty bottom that gives a coy look and is perfect for pool parties. This kind of bikinis are best for pear-shaped bodies. Those with fuller thighs could create an illusion of thinner thighs by wearing a skirt as the bottom. It can also add some details to a compact athletic body.

While we have tried putting out the best advice we can, do remember to wear what you feel most comfortable in, and you’re good to go.
Happy Monsoon!