Matt Damon‘s Ponytail. Yes, we know, you couldn’t ignore it. We couldn’t either. The ponytail made some great headlines. Style Watch called their piece, "Matt Damon Has a Ponytail, Time to Devote Your Afternoon to Watching This Mesmerizing Gif", Daily Beast warned us, "Beware Matt Damon’s Middle-Aged Ponytail", InStyle liked the look, "Matt Damon Rocks a Swoon-Worthy Ponytail, Just in Time for #ManCrushMonday" and Entertainment Tonight totally approved it with, "Matt Damon Has a Ponytail and He’s Totally Pulling It Off!"

Turning our attention back home, there have been multiple times when our heroes have sported the ponytail. And boy, did it get them some strong reactions. Here’s our list of Bollywood stars who impressed us with their mane. 

Ranveer Singh
He rocked it. We are just not listening to anything against this guy’s ponytail!
Shah Rukh Khan
Yes, that look for Don 2. It did drive some girls crazy. The gangster look suited SRK very well. 
Amitabh Bachchan
In Cheeni Kum, Amitabh Bachchan looked cute with the silver ponytail. We still dig that look. He should think about sporting one permanently. 
Farhan Akhtar
We loved his music and acting but what we love even more is how versatile this man is, even with his looks! Those curls in Rock On were just too cool to handle.
Shahid Kapoor
The recently married heart-throb made girls fall in love with him all over again with his Udta Punjab look. Isn’t Mira Rajput the lucky lady?!  
Hrithik Roshan
Ofcourse whatever look he chooses, he nails it. The Greek god will always be swoon-worthy, sexy, rugged, hot… you get it right?! *sips on iced water to cool down*
Yes, so that’s our Bollywood cool pony-man-list! Who’s pony did you like the best? Don’t forget to add your comments! 🙂