Happy BritDay! 

That is not a typo, nor is it a day for Brits. Today is Britney’s birthday! Our favorite ‘90s popstar turns 35 today. Britney Spears changed our world. She revolutionized music, dance, and fashion. Her top hits such as Oops!…I Did It AgainHit Me Baby One More Time,  and Sometimes still remain in our throwback playlists. She was also the one who made school wear sexy. Crop tops and low waist pants became fashionable because of her. On her birthday, we have compiled a list of her best ‘90s looks, which need to make a comeback soon. Take a look and share if you agree with us.  


The Cropped Jersey

Why stick to crop tops when you can have cropped jerseys? Now support your favorite sports teams with this new trend. 

Britney Spears 90s fashion - BookMyShow


Loose-fitting Trousers

Goodbye, leggings and skinny jeans! We need trousers back. They are comfortable and go well with any body type. 

Britney Spears 90s fashion - BookMyShow



This was the best fashion invention for those who want to hide belly fat. Dungarees need to make a comeback, along with crop tops.  

Britney Spears 90s fashion - BookMyShow


Belly Fringes

Britney made fringes famous; pants, jackets, tops – most of her outfits had them. And we can understand why it made her look so cool.  

Britney Spears 90s fashion - BookMyShow


Sequined Pants

Why always put the sequins on your tops and jackets? Sequins on pants look just as cool, especially when paired with a plain top. 

Britney Spears 90s fashion - BookMyShow


The Iconic Denim Dress

This has to be one of Britney’s best outfits till date, and no one has been able to carry it off as well as her. Denim on denim goes best with chains and chokers. 

Britney Spears 90s fashion - BookMyShow


Shirt over Tee

We shall never understand why this style would ever go out of fashion. Have upper arm fat? Want to wear your favorite sleeveless top but forgot to shave your underarms? Just throw a shirt on it!

Britney Spears 90s fashion - BookMyShow


Happy birthday, Britney! Thank you for changing our world of fashion.

Britney Spears - BookMyShow