Remember how we enjoyed the show ”Planet’s Funniest Animals”, which aired on Animal Planet. Yes, watching animals in their element has been a source of joy for us since a long time now. There’s always a non-sensical weird pleasure watching animals, while they act as naturally gifted comedians. Although that show hardly featured cats, today the Internet is full of cat videos and memes. Cats, in particular, are a favorite for almost every existing meme, making celebrities out of them, the Grumpy Cat being the most popular, along with Lil Bub and Maru. With their unpredictable nature and their "I’m watching you and I’m planning to kill you" visage, they also have a certain kind of meanness and sarcasm, which is innate and hence makes them a purrfect fit for those memes. On Hug Your Cat Day, we give you a dosage of cat videos that will make you go squeeze and hug your cat, while he/she gives you a disapproving look.

1. Why should humans have all the fun!!

2. When playing with them is as good as playing with a kid, if not better…

 3. This is how we express love to our siblings.

4. Mirror, mirror on the wall! Who`s the furriest of them all!

5. How to twerk!