A portrait-sized mirror in the middle of the carpeted walk-in closet full of glitzy stuff.

A cabinet full of the red-soled stilts in different shapes and colors.

A quilted velvet settie to help you try the shoes and a corner just for the hats! 

If I’ve just described what you have always dreamt of, then you are probably a victim of the fashion bug. Sadly, most of our fantasies come true only when we see our favorite celebrities saunter and stride in their finery. Most of these celebs boast of closets that are worth committing a felony for. These seven ladies have clothes that could give you an instant glamor high. Fellow plebs, let’s raid some sexy celeb closets. 

Sonam Kapoor 
Bollywood’s answer to Paris’ fashion brigade. Sonam makes fashion look resplendent with a hint of an Indian touch. Whether it is the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival or a film premiere back home, Sonam sure knows what to wear and how to carry off her awe-inspiring glad rags. 

Alia Bhatt
Alia has lost oodles of chubbiness and looks splendid. Her wardrobe for her movie promotions sure looks like this young lady is ready to turn into a fashion icon. Her closet is filled with chilled out attire that is casual, comfy and yet has a little bit of couture.  

Kareena Kapoor
Kareena’s closet is filled with regal and heritage handlooms. The begum’s closet boasts of Nawabi silks and Pashminas along with Indian and international couture from top designers. Her versatility is what makes her style ethereal and graceful. Definitely a closet worth raiding! 

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Victoria Beckham 
One of Britain’s favorite fashionistas, Victoria screams class and style. Her closet will be every budding stylist’s fantasy. From bags to boots and her line of Prêt-à-Porter, she shows off her fine fashion finesse effortlessly. 

Kate Moss 
She is the it-girl who can go from boho-chic to glam goddess at the snap of a finger. She is in her early forties but the lady continues to look stunning in just about everything. Her’s is one closet you’d definitely love to sneak into. 

Blake Lively 
Blake’s Gossip Girl avatar was glam and chic and the woman is just as stunning in real life. Her shoe collection is to die for and if you are a Christian Louboutin worshipper, her closet will be your dream one. 

From bad-ass leather to cool snapbacks that you’ll absolutely love, Rihanna is the pop princess for a reason and her style just proves it. If you have a streak of punk in you, this closet is definitely one to drool at. 

Have anyone else in mind? Tell us whose closet would you like to raid?