You are what you eat. You would think this meant that whatever you eat has an influence on your well-being. But that’s not how celebrities see it. Instead of watching their food, they decided to turn into it! Confused? Let us explain. Remember Sonam Kapoor’s long white dress at Cannes 2016? Remember how people compared her to a rumali roti? The actress’ fashion choices have made a lot of memes over the years, but that outfit was simply taken out of context. Celebs have actually worn food as outfits, and not just for Halloween. Don’t believe us? Take a look here:

Katy Perry loves food, and her style proves it

Katy Perry food outfits - BookMyShow

Known for her wacky outfits, Katy Perry’s food fashion is ideal for food lovers during Halloween. Her best food outfits include the popcorn dress (top left), the cupcake stand dress (top center), the pizza onesie (top right), the sushi monokini (bottom left), the peppermint candy dress (bottom center), and the fruit bowl dress (bottom right).

Cara Delevingne likes to be covered in pizza

Cara Delevingne pizza onesie - BookMyShow

Cara Delevingne is in love with food, especially pizza and bacon. Her favorite outfit is probably her pizza onesie, in which she features regularly on Instagram. Guess models love pizza too!

A meaty affair with Lady Gaga

Lafy Gaga meat dress - BookMyShow

Lady Gaga is no stranger to bizarre outfits. But when she turned up for the World Music Awards in a dress made of scraps of meat, she made history! Another rendition of the dress was donned by her in a concert in Tokyo, and she even wore meat for her Vogue cover.

Can Rita Ora be any cheesier?

Rita Ora cheese dresses - BookMyShow

Rita Ora’s love for cheese is apparent in many of her outfits. Even looking at her makes us hungry for cheese. BRB, ordering a gigantic cheese burger now!

Hungry for more? Keep scrolling.

Food gif - BookMyShow

Beyoncé carries her pizza wherever she goes

Beyonce pizza outfit - BookMyShow

Beyoncé, too, turned up the pizza game when she put on a pizza-print crop top and pizza-print slacks. And you thought matching outfits were out of style.

When life gives you lemons, Solange makes an outfit out of them

Solange lemon dress - BookMyShow

Move over Jay Z! Solange could be the real inspiration for Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. Her dress of lemons stole the show at Coachella in 2013.

When Rihanna was a tropical fruit

Rihanna pineapple suit - BookMyShow

The Work singer took tropical fashion to a new level, when she donned a crop and pajama suit of pineapples. Now we all love pineapples, but they are even better when they’re on Rihanna, don’t you agree?


That’s all we have in food fashion. Which outfit makes you the hungriest?

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