If you are a movie buff and are also obsessed with makeup, you have landed on the right page! Now, you can do your makeup by taking inspiration from your favorite movie character without looking like you are going to a Halloween costume party.

We all know how difficult it is to find that right shade and the right cosmetic brand which suits your skin and gives you the result that you are looking for. And to make your life easy, a lot of brands have come up with make-up palettes that are inspired from some of your favorite blockbuster movies which allow you to create bold and mellow looks.

So, are you excited to know which cosmetic brands took inspiration from movies? Scroll down to find out.

Urban Decay – Pulp Fiction Collection
Now you can recreate that iconic Uma Thurman look from Pulp Fiction. Damn!

CoverGirl – Star Wars Collection
From frosty colors to deep tones, you can experiment with shades to achieve that stellar look.

Storybook Cosmetics – Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette
Now all the Harry Potter fans can truly appreciate this collection. They also have a collection of brushes that look like wands! How cool is that?!

MAC – Maleficent Collection
Create a completely goth look or simply go for smoky eyes. This collection will help you transform.

CoverGirl – The Hunger Games: Capitol Beauty Collection
Add drama and recreate a bold look with stunning lip gloss, nail polishes, and nail decals.

MAC – Rocky Horror Collection
Don’t dream it, now you can be it.

Sephora – Divergent collection
If you weren’t satisfied with the CoverGirl’s makeup collection, you could go for this and achieve that deviant look.

MAC – The Simpsons Collection
Yup, it does exist. It’s a completely wearable, fun collection that any Simpsons fans would love to own.

Now you can pester your friends and relatives who are settled abroad to gift you one of these makeup kits. If they are out of stock, pray hard, and they might just relaunch them!