It is almost like the festival spirit has been losing charm over the years due to our changing lifestyles and priorities. We often do not have time to celebrate a festive day as a family and get involved in activities that will bring us closer. Then there are others who still have not lost the excitement completely but worry about the need for time and money.

Well for the latter, we have listed down some easy DIY ideas that will make your house Christmas-ready. These are budget-friendly ideas and you can try them at home with the help of family and friends. You will be surprised at the final results when you have the decorations ready to share on your social media accounts. 

A mini yarn Christmas tree
yarn-tree-final-compressedWhat you need: Yarn, marble paper, Thermocol, ribbons, glitter, scissor, glue, card paper, colors

This is a very easy-to-make simple yarn decoration that will adorn your walls. With the help of yarn, create a mini version of a tree on an empty wall. Try using various paper decoration materials and cut them into various shapes to stick onto the yarn. You can also make beautiful ribbon knots in various colors to give it the Christmas touch. Get creative and use easy craft materials to fully adorn this simple yarn tree like reindeer made out of paper, stars made from Thermocol etc.

DIY scented candles
candle-diy-final-compressed-1There can be nothing more beautiful than scented candles lit up near a Christmas tree. If you are on a tight budget but want your room to be filled with lights, make your own candles. Trust us, it’s very easy.

What you need: Melted wax, candle wick, mason jar/tea light cup, oil of your choice, ribbon, glue, micro beads, glitter, any thick fabric, card paper.

Keep your mason jars/tea light cups ready with candle wick in its centre. Next, carefully melt candle flakes and mix any oil of your choice. Pour into the candle mould and let it harden. Once you have your basic candle ready, decorate it with all embellishments using all the craft materials you have at your disposal.

Window Embellishment
window-compressedWhy leave any corner in the house? Make you window shimmer Christmas glitter. You just need a few things to start with.

What you need: A metal or wooden hanging rods, cardboard, card paper, glitter, artificial leaves and flowers, narrow ribbons, round paper cuttings.

The first thing to do is to cover the rod with golden or silver paper. Once this is done, just wrap the rod with artificial leaves and flowers using glue or tape. Once this is done, Tie the stars using small ribbons to the artificial leaves and leave it dangling. You can add glitter to the star or stick small round paper cutting on them of different colours to make it more vibrant. The narrow ribbons can be used to create the border for the stars or to tie a knot around the edges.

Very easy-to-make Scarf wreath
scarf-final-compressedChristmas is incomplete without wreaths. What about making one at home?

What you need: Wire wreath form and a thick and long winter scarf

Here, you do not need to put in any extra effort. Just keep on rolling the scarf over the circular wreath-form and when you have successfully reached the point where you initially started it, and tie both the ends in a perfect knot. You will love the final look of this.