Earrings are a great way of adding a dose of style to your outfit. If you’re looking out for a pair of pretty earrings, we have something to tell you. It isn’t necessary for you to buy a new pair. You can just make it yourself. All you need is free time, some creativity, basic supplies, and probably some patience.

If this is something you’d consider doing and don’t know where to begin, let us take you through it.

We have come up with a list of DIY ideas that are not only easy-to-do, but also a lot of fun!

Paperclip Earrings
To make these you only need paperclips, hot glue, a hook and cotton thread.

First, unbend the clip at all the three curves. Once a triangular shape is achieved, glue the ends together. Next, wind a cotton thread around the wire.

Once you’ve wound the thread all the way around, and secured it with glue, you can take another length of string, winding it around the width of the earring.

Next, just clamp on a pair of earring hooks.

Repeat for the other side.
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Feather Earrings
The only things you require are earring hooks, feathers, 2 jump rings, 1/4 inch chain, super glue and pliers.
Feather Earring - BookMyShow

First, cut the chain into 2 pieces each of 3 links, 5 links and 7 links.

Next, trim the feathers making sure there is no sharp shaft sticking out.

Glue a feather each to every chain. When dry, add your jump rings. Take one, add 3 chains, a hook and close.

Ditto for the other ring.
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Tassel Earrings
These require upholstery tassels, rhinestone trim, 2 earring hooks, 2 jump rings, glue, a sharpie and sewing supplies.
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Take your tassels and apply glue all the way around on the top, where you will be attaching your rhinestone trim. Pressing your rhinestone onto the glue, and hold it in place.

Next, take your needle and thread and sew the ends of the rhinestone trim together.

Add your jump rings and hooks to the top.

If you wish, color the bottom half of your earrings using a Sharpie. To get rid of the Sharpie smell, hang your earrings overnight in a ventilated area.
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Friendship Earrings
To make these earrings, you will need basic sewing supplies, 2 beads, lever back earrings and some embroidery thread.
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First, set up 8 strands of embroidery floss to do the chevron weave for six rows. Upon completion, work each side independently for five rows. Once done, knot the ends on each side.

Using a needle and thread, sew your bead in between.

Turn your earring over and sew a lever back earring to the back of the knot.
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Bobby Pin Earrings
These are fairly simple to make. Your supplies should include- craft wire, earring hooks, bobby pins and nail polish.

Begin with painting your pins. Placing them on a little cardboard piece will help keep them straight.

Next, cut two strips of wire and wind them around each other.

When dry, your pins can be slipped on to the wire.

Shape your wire as desired, attach a hook and cut off the excess.

Repeat for the second.
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