Raksha Bandhan is a festival that is celebrated to symbolize the love and duty between a brother and his sisters. Rakhis are a must for this occasion and the stores in the city are brimming with rakhis of different colors and designs. While some sisters would have already purchased rakhis for their bhaiyyas, there is something special about handmade rakhis. They not only save you the trouble of pushing through crowds, but are also a good way of surprising your brother and a great way of bonding. If you're looking at making one yourself, here are a few DIY rakhi ideas:

Paper Quilling
To make this, you need a quilling tool and quilling strips in colors of your choice, one in the full size and the other in half.
Next, join the two strips to make one long strip.
Inserting the longer strip in the slotted quilling tool and roll it.
Roll a loose quill and stick the end using glue. The smaller strip will form a border in each petal.
Now, pinch the loose quills into a shape of a leaf and stick the petals together using glue to form a flower.
You could stick a pearl at the centre of the flower and ornamental stones all around.
To complete the rakhi, stick the flower on a satin ribbon.
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Rosette Rakhi
All you need to make the rosette rakhi is cardstock, handmade paper, scissors, fringing scissors, string, glue and rhinestone.
First, draw out a circle on the handmade paper. Slowly, cut it out using scissors. To make fringes along the outline of the circle, use fringing scissors.
Making sure the cuts are of equal depth, apply the glue along the centre of the circle. On the applied glue, place a decorative thread/string and press it to ensure proper sticking.
Next in line is the rosette. To make this, take a piece of cardstock and make an accordion style rosette by making uniform fanfolds and gluing the two ends of the strip together.
You could add a bead or a rhinestone in the centre to embellish.
To complete, glue the paper rosette on the top of the circle and press it.

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Wool Rakhi
For the wool rakhi, take some wool in your choice of color, some decorative beads and scissors.
Taking some wool, twist it around your fingers for about 15 rounds.
Carefully pulling it out of your hands, secure tie it at the centre.
Next, cut the ends of the bow and gently press it to make a pompom.
You could give it a fancy finish by adding a decorative bead at the centre.
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Character Rakhi
If you have a really young brother, this one fits. The requirements include – a foam stick set, satin ribbon, felt circle sticker, marker and glue.
Take a foam sticker and detail it with a marker. Now, stick it on a felt sticker with an adhesive back.
To finish, stick the satin ribbon below the circle and your rakhi is ready for your brother's wrist.
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Photo Rakhi
This may be done using online services, but is fairly simple to DIY.
Take a round picture, preferably 3-4 cm, and stick it onto a cardboard.
Decorate the edges with glitter or rhinestone. Once complete stick onto decorative thread.
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Zari Motif Rakhi
Zari motifs are easily available in tailoring supply shops. These come in various designs.
Owing to their fabric back, these are easy to stitch and stick.
o make your own rakhi, simply take one of these and stick or stitch it onto a thread.

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Rudraksh Rakhi
All you need to make a rudraksh rakhi is some glue, scotch tape, scissors, red moli thread, a rudraksh and a needle.
First, braid the moli thread until you reach the middle. Now, insert a rudraksh bead and use glue to secure it.
Continue to braid the moli and tighten by tying the ends of the beaded portion and allowing the moli to hang loose.
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Chocolate Rakhi
Kids would definitely love this idea. It is useful and is edibe too!
Take 100gm of cooking chocolate and melt it in a double boiler or in the microwave.
Pour the melted chocolate into the mould of your choice. Now place it in the freezer to cool.
As the chocolate hardens, cut paper rope in the length you want the rakhi. 
Taking a drop of some melted chocolate, fix the rope to the chocolate rakhi and put it back into the freezer for 10 minutes.
Your chocolate rakhi is good to go.

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Should you like to share more ideas with us, comment below.

Happy “bhaiya mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhaana” Day to you!