If you’re bored of those old handbags lying in your closet and want to give them away, wait, you do not, we repeat, DO NOT need to do that or spend a lot of moolah on the new ones you saw online. We have a suggestion: you could just liven those existing ones up by giving them a new look! Well, all you need is some good quality (not necessarily expensive) embellishments, a tad bit of creativity and patience. If you don’t know where to begin, let us take you through it.

Here are some easy-to-do and fun DIY ideas to give your bag a full-blown makeover:

If you’re looking out to cover pen marks and scratches on your bag, this is something you could totally do. Go beyond your initials, use patches, stickers and pins.

For sticking patches onto a leather bag, leather adhesive comes in handy. For cloth bags, put your sewing skills to use or try the iron-on method.

Try keeping the layout of the patches organic. You could add new ones, just in case new marks show up!
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Painting is an easy way to transform a simple bag. All you need is paint and a paint brush.

For leather bags, use leather paints. These are acrylic-based. Although you could go for standard acrylic paints, leather paints are a better option. They adhere to the bag without chipping or peeling.

Choose brushes that would help you create fine details, along with one for covering larger areas.

Don’t know what to paint on your bag? You could go for freehand designs, simple stencils or even traced designs.

If you have a plain tote at home, use fabric paint.
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Guitar Strap
A guitar strap is ideal for bigger bags. You could either sew the strap or attach it with the help of carabiners.
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Grosgrain Ribbon
One of the easiest ways to transform your bag is to unclip an old strap and knot a grosgrain ribbon. Although a single knot looks neater than a double knot, you may want to make sure it is secure and strong enough to carry your belongings. Add a couple stitches with a needle and matching thread.

Don’t forget to trim the excess. Also painting a thin strip of superglue along the edges is a good way of stopping it from fraying.

If you think this looks too boring, add some charms to one side.
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Use a Scarf
If you have printed scarfs and don’t really use them, here is your chance. Just knot the corner of your scarf to the base of the handle to secure it before you start wrapping. Try and wrap it as evenly and tightly as possible to ensure it looks neat.

You should have just enough to tie a knot at the other end. You could either tuck the loose ends or leave them.
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