We all like to change our phone cases once in a while. However, we may not always be willing to spend that extra moolah. After all, why should we pay for a little glitz or detail if we can just do it ourselves in the comfort of our homes, right? We can always make our phone cases exactly how we would like them.

If you are obsessed with DIY projects just as we are, you can scroll below.

What you're about to see is a list of DIYs that are easy, fun and inexpensive. Get ready to try them out.

Nail Varnish
This is a good way to transform a clear phone case. All you need is some old bottles of nail polish, in two or three colors.

Since it may be difficult to control the nail polish brush, you may want to stick to simple patterns, like polka dots.

Alternating colors, just paint equal-sized dots on the phone case. Keep going till the phone is covered. Once complete, let it dry.


Pressed Flowers
For those of you who love flowers, this is a perfect DIY idea. You would require a solid white case, craft glue, scissors, a ruler, parchment paper, a marker, resin and pressed flowers.

To begin with, dab a small amount of glue on the largest flower and carefully press it on the case. Repeat the same with the rest of your flowers.

Making sure you're in a well-ventilated area, cut a two-feet long piece of parchment paper with your scissors and tape it down with to a flat work surface.

The next step would be to prepare your resin in a plastic cup. Stir for a few minutes Aand let it rest. Slowly pour a small amount onto the centre of your case and spread it close to the edge using a craft stick. To cover all flowers, add more resin.

Now, set your case down on the parchment paper and let it dry.

Your floral case is good to go.

Neon Studs
To make a neon-studded phone case, you would need packs of neon studs, preferably in three different colors, a plain phone case and glue.

Before you begin, arrange your studs on the case to figure out the design you'd like.

Once you have a design in mind, glue down each stud. Continue to apply the studs until the phone case is covered and the design of  your choice achieved.

Get ready to show off your neon case!

This is a smart and easy way of decorating your phone. All you need is a clear case, a phone case template, card stock, a cutting mat and an X-acto knife (be careful, the blade can be extremely sharp).

First, download a phone case template and print it on card stock. Next, placing it on a cutting mat, cut it out with an X-acto knife.

Place your printable in the phone case and it is good to go!

Washi Tape
A washi tape case is not only quick, but also fun. You only need washi tape in atleast two different patterns, and X-acto knife, a cutting mat and a clear case.

Start at the bottom of your phone. Alternating patterns, make horizontal stripes using washi tape.

Once the entire case is covered, trim the edges and carefully cut out the camera hole with an X-acto knife.

Here you go!

Which one is your favorite DIY? Tell us in the comments below!