Most of us love to take photographs to upload on our Instagram account, if not for anything else. These photographs may be flawless in terms of composition, cropping and filter and are often the perfect means to thoroughly express our artistic intent. However, should these images only be for our smartphones? Not necessarily. So then, what are we to do next? The one thing that can be done, perhaps, is to turn these pictures into the choicest of DIY home goods.

If you want to transform your living space with eye-catching craft made from your favorite photographs, here are some ideas:


Hula hoop photo frame
A hula hoop can be repurposed into a photo display. All you need is gold spray paint, a hot glue gun, scissors, satin ribbon, flowers, thin wire and your photos.

First, spray paint the hula hoop. While is dries, print your photographs.
Next, cut out five strands of ribbon.

Once complete, place the hula hoop on a flat surface and glue the ribbons on it.

Starting from the centre, stick the photos (on the ribbons) in the order that you like.

To decorate, use flowers with trimmed stems. Secure using wire.
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Wrapping paper
You can make your own wrapping paper out of the pictures you and the recipient. Simply create a collage on your computer and print it out on paper.

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Wall tapestry
If you want to put up your black and white photographs in a cool and modern way, this is it. You require a wooden dowel, acrylic paint, foam brush, yarn, basic stationery, parchment paper.
To make this hanging, paint a dowel with black acrylic paint using the foam brush. When dry, tie a piece of yarn to each end of the dowel. To secure in place, apply glue to each before cutting of the excess yarn.

Next, double knot three long pieces of yarn across the dowel.

Cut out three traingles from card stock. Punch a hole in each so the yarn can pass through easily. As for the photos, you can use 4×4 pictures. Secure them using washi tape on the back.Wall Hanging - BookMyShow


Customised calendar
This is perfect for displaying on your desk.

To create your own calendar you only need a few of your favorite photos, a piece of calendar paper and two patterned papers.

You can begin by printing 12 (3×4) of your favorite Instagram photos. Next, cut out the month cards (3×4) from the calendar paper.

For the base to the calendars, cut out 12 (4×6) pieces from the patterened paper.

Using adhesive, add one of the monthly calendars to the 4×6 paper and a photo to the other side.
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You are going to love this idea if you have old cardboard coasters lying around.

Simply print your pictures and use glue to stick each one onto the cardboard coasters.

Use scissors to trim the edges.
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