Once in a while, we all love to try inexpensive beauty tricks in the comfort of our homes. It is all good in the hood when our attempts have positive outcomes. However, this does not always happen. We don’t always have outcomes we imagined and hope for. The next time the thought of mixing beauty products at home comes to your mind, please, think twice! Those recipes could actually be dangerous; probably more dangerous than you think! Sometimes, seeking professional help and paying a little extra may just be worth it. We repeat – don’t do this yourself #DDIY!

Here is a list of beauty stunts you should probably never try at home:

Crayon Lipstick
When they found lead in lipsticks, Instead of looking out for a natural option. Someone somewhere decided to make lipstick out of crayons. Although considered safe for children, crayons, when melted or mixed with other ingredients can cause them to become toxic. Moreover, some contain more lead than lipstick. Stick to the regular.
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Reviving Mascara
Mascaras have a tendency to dry out quickly. So, if you are going to add saline solution to ‘revive’ it, think again. This is not a very good idea. This can lead to a pool of thriving bacteria and thus can lead to eye infection. Avoid it. Please!
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Jelly For the Eyelashes
Applying petroleum jelly to your lashes work similar to a clear mascara. This may make them appear longer, but, can actually trap bacteria in your eyes and also stunt lash growth. Give this a miss!
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Toothpaste For Your Zit
The next time you wake up to a zit, do not reach out for toothpaste. Contrary to popular belief, instead of drying the zit out, it can cause inflammation, excessive drying, irritation, hyper pigmentation and discolouration. Let the toothpaste do the one job it is supposed – cleaning your teeth!
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Gel Eyeliner
We all seem to love gel eyeliners because of its creaminess. It usually involves mixing eyeshadow with oil or petroleum jelly. Think it’s a good idea? We don’t think so. It can smear easily and also cause irritation to the eyes. Stick to a proper liner. Okay?
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