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Dormcore: Comfort Dressing

Forget couture and high-end brands, Dormcore is now officially a trend. That guy at work strutting about in his pajamas or the person walking into a soirée in their favorite PJ’s, no, they are not crazy. They are probably as in love with the Dormcore trend as we are. Inspired by the dorm trend and focusing on comfort, stepping out in your cosy pajamas is no more frowned upon but a fashion trend adding a twist to casual dressing. From the runway to the red carpet, this trend had been popping up time and again, and who better to take a cue from it than our favorite celebs.

Take pointers from these celebrities and incorporate Dormcore into your lives, because pajamas are equal to awesomeness.

Selena Gomez was spotted outside a recording studio in these chic navy-blue pajamas. Street-style game on point!

Dormcore: Comfort Dressing- BookMyShow

Rihanna rocked this floral-printed pajama suit at the premiere of her film Battleship and combined them with nude colored heels.

Dormcore: Comfort Dressing- BookMyShow 

Jessica Alba donned this black polka-dotted PJ suit at a movie premiere. If there is anyone who can wear pajamas and look sexy, it’s her.

Dormcore: Comfort Dressing- BookMyShow

Ryan Gosling wore this pajama top at the photocall of Drive at the Cannes Film Festival which goes to show, he does not shy away from experimenting with his style, and can have us swooning with anything he wears!

Dormcore: Comfort Dressing-BookMyShow

Kim Kardashian was spotted in these super comfy silk pajamas at a magazine event last year. They could easily pass off at any black-tie event, couldn’t they?

Dormcore: Comfort Dressing- BookMyShow

Woody Harrelson walked into The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2 photocall in these flannel, printed pajamas. Because suits are just too old-school.

Dormcore: Comfort Dressing- BookMyShow

So, when are you stepping out in your pajamas? We sure can’t wait!