In what seemed like an adorable turn of events on Twitter, author Durjoy Datta decided to treat us to a grand romantic gesture. The author of ‘Of Course I Love You ..! Till I Find Someone Better‘ is all set to walk down the aisle with his lady love next week. Before things get official, he wanted to formally propose his fiancee. *dies of cutes* 

With the hashtag #marrymeavantika, he decided to bully Avantika Mohan, his love, into saying yes! She was in a flight and had no idea about what was going on. So for two hours, Durjoy waited and tweeted and then waited some more. Of course, this looked like something straight out of a Bollywood movie! 

When he asked for public support 🙂

He got her vetted by his friends… 

Now that’s just blackmail!

Adding the regional touch! #TooSweet

That’s a fine looking couple!

YES! Yes, she said yes!

We can almost see a scriptwriter somewhere typing vigorously and turning this episode into a screenplay. *ROMCOM ALERT*  
What do you think of a Twitter proposal? Would you propose this way?