How meaningless texting would have been without Emojis. No? Emoticons are probably the best thing that has ever happened to "written" conversations. The nomenclature is perfect in the literal sense because they add emotions to every conversation. Everyone would agree that they have saved countless relationships and are the core reason for those endless chats.

For example, remember when your girlfriend sent "Fine!" as a response and you took it literally? You guys almost broke-up right?
It is known to all of us that when a girl says "Fine!", the boyfriend must be alarmed, very alarmed and apologize, or cancel plans, or cancel everything. But mostly, not always. And yes, it is difficult to understand when it's written. 

Now that the emoticons are here, you know when a "Fine " means fine or when a "Fine " means, well, just run away.

Emoticons have saved lives. But, since these small cute icons can't speak, all of us has been using some of them incorrectly. Yup! You have been doing it.

Here are a few emoticons that you have been using all wrong, all these day:

The Giggle Emoticon
The Giggle Emoticon - BookMyShow
This has been perceived as a grin face with a smile. Why would one grin with a smile on the face? Well the Grimace smiley is actually an embarrassed giggling face. Imagine your face when you did something embarrassing as a kid at a family gathering and the aunts since then have never let you hear the end of it, and you are supposed to laugh about it?…Yes. Exactly that one!

The Bowing Man
The Bowing Man - BookMyShow
This emoticon is generally used as a forever alone guy or someone who is been thinking a lot lately. Well, believe it or not this is a guy bowing with respect. It is a very often used Japanese tradition.

The Sleep Smiley
The Sleep Smiley - BookMyShow
No, this is not to be used by you whenever you have a bad cold. This is just a sleeping face. You can use it to tell your mom that you're already asleep. She might ask you, "Why are you replying then?".

The Frustrated Smiley
The Frustrated Smiley - BookMyShow
Commonly referred as a Triumph Face, this emoticon signifies frustration or a being "in a huff". (Only bulls express triumph this way not humans)

The Astonished Smiley
The Astonished Smiley - BookMyShow
This is commonly used to show a dead person or sometimes when somebody has seen something really terrible. Well, this is to be used when you're absolutely astonished. Only then. ONLY THEN!

The OK Sign
The OK Sign - BookMyShow
Well, you can bring your brains back from the gutter and wash it. This sign simply means everything is fine.

The Bookmark
The Bookmark - BookMyShow
This is not a giftcard, it is actually a bookmark. Keep figuring how and when to use it, but it is a Bookmark!

The Hot Springs
Emoticons - BookMyShow
Nope, not a sign of hot soup or delicious sizzlers, this emoticon signifies Hot Springs.

The No-Idea Face
Emoticons - BookMyShow
This one is the nearest to a shoulder shrug but with a little touch of sadness. It is not to be used to show disappointment. Use it when you don't have any idea about that thing the other person has been asking, and simultaneously show that you're sad about it.

The Head Massage
Emoticons - BookMyShow
No, these are not antennas on her head nor an alien, she is simply enjoying a head massage. Please leave her alone now. Use if you're enjoying one too. Actually, if you're enjoying one, keep the phone away.

The Neutral Face
Emoticons - BookMyShow
Just because it is named neutral doesn't mean it has nothing to say. This actually signifies inability to relate to the subject at hand.

The Tantrum Face
Emoticons - BookMyShow
You are wrong again. This is not a frustrated face. This is your significant other throwing tantrums. (Can't help about the couple thing; it's the best and shortest way to explain the case.)

The Namastey
Emoticons - BookMyShow
The most debated emoticon ever, which is equally used as a High-Five and Folded Hands. We vote for Namastey. Because we are Indians. And because the glowing aura kind of thing in the background. And because you are polite enough to not force the other person into High-five-ing and allow him/her to leave you hanging.

The Loaded Gun
Emoticons - BookMyShow
This is a gun and this emoticon cannot go wrong. This is mentioned here only to inform all that the gun is loaded and ready to go! And if someone sends this to you, there's isn't any need to run, this is not a real gun. That rhymed!

Did this post get long and judgmental? Here, a girl is throwing money on you. Because, random!
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