You may have the best makeup routine, but wrongly-shaped eyebrows could spoil your entire look. Therefore, getting eyebrows shaped according to your face is absolutely crucial. Defining your brows can not only highlight your eyes but also help in creating a more youthful look. Making sure your eyebrows start, arch and end in the correct place can help improve the overall symmetry of your face.

Undoubtedly, the shape and size of your eyes play an important role in determining the ideal eyebrow shape. However, the shape of the face of an individual is the most important factor in determining the perfect angle for those arches.

Here is how you go about choosing an eyebrow shape for your face:

Being well-proportioned, an oval face is considered the best face shape and does not require much attention. Almost every eyebrow shape works. However, soft-angled eyebrows look best.
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For a round face, the ultimate goal when choosing an eyebrow shape is to make the face appear less round. Rounded eyebrows are a complete no-no for this face shape. High arched eyebrows help elongate the face. For those of you not comfortable with very highly arched eyebrows, soft-angled brows are cool!

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The goal here is to make the face appear less elongated. In order to draw attention away from the length and add width to the face, go for flat eyebrows. Also, it is important to extend the tails of your brows east to west to play up horizontal features.
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A square face is characterized by a strong jawline. The aim is to soften the jaw line. While keeping the brows on the thinner side, go for angled eyebrows with sharp peaks.

For this face shape, curved eyebrows also work.
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To balance the petite jawline and striking curves, go for rounded eyebrows. Keep them natural; not too bushy or too thin. Adding soft arches to rounded eyebrows could be the best choice ever! Note that the arch could be high or low depending on whether you have a short or long heart-shaped face.
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A diamond-shaped face is widest around the cheek bones. The aim here is to soften the face by going for curved eyebrows. It helps in making the widest part subtle and elongates the face for a balanced, and not strikingly angular look.
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