As the temperature stays on a consistent rise, getting dressed every day becomes more of a challenge than it used to be. The same pair of skinny jeans that made you feel like a model and hugged your limbs just perfectly in the winter, would not able you to even feel your legs in the tropical Indian heat. With the humidity and the sweat piling up, putting on clothes that are restrictive and don’t make the work stress any easier, calls for a rethinking of wardrobe favorites. It’s just about time to rearrange your thick linen and exchange them for breathable and breezier clothing that do not compromise on your style statement. The bad news remains that although your dependables like a good pair of skinny jeans and a set of high heeled stilettos that fit you just right are the safe tried-and-tested option, their long-lasting toll on your health and well-being is not worth the compliance. Instead, look at ways to expand your comfort zone and incorporate items that make you feel dressed up while allowing you to wear your hair down (pun intended) and enjoy your day.
Ditch the skinny jeans and opt for a more permeable pair. Sonam Kapoor, the Bollywood queen of fashion, elegantly flaunts a classic pair of black loose pants, cuffed above the ankle aka crop pants. These serve as an ideal substitute to jeans and work great on any body type. High-waisted loose pants have the potential to accentuate the hips and give the illusion of a slimmer waistline.
When you’re in the mood to wear an elegant dress, but cannot bear the wrath of spending the night in a painful set of heels, Anushka Sharma saves the day. She shows us some great ways of pairing elegant dresses and skirts with the right flats and still look ravishing and elegant. 

Carrying big handbags and purses may be in style, but managing to tug along the weight all day long is not worth the size. Kalki is seen in multiple instances, dolled up in dainty dresses while pairing them with sleek sling bags. This more convenient option helps you make sure you always have your essentials with you and can carry on carefree. 

Ignoring jeans altogether can be disappointing, as jeans give us the classic bottoms that pair up with almost anything. To switch into something more liberal when it comes to comfort and health, the boyfriend jeans are a current favorite and allow more breathing room than skinny jeans. Deepika demonstrates how her classic pair both looks good and feels good.

For those hot days and long nights, these tips can help you get ready and get out with bare minimum effort. Go with your mood and trust your instincts. Don’t steal the fun out of the day by dressing up into something you regret.
By Anushka Dias