Instagram is always filled with the trendiest beauty and fashion tips. We can’t seem to get enough of this social media platform. It has become a daily ritual for almost everyone to wake up to the Insta stories and Insta pictures. The latest trend to hit this season are the feather eyebrows. Although they look as weird as the name suggests, girls around the world are beginning to adopt the trend and flaunt it on social media. It looks like someone has accidentally plucked the middle portion of the eyebrows, but then aren’t all these viral trends just bizarre anyway.  Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself.

#FeatherBrow is intended to make your brows look like actual feathers. The idea was started by Finnish MUA Stella Sironen who posted a picture of her colorful, holographic eye makeup beneath slick eyebrows parted horizontally down the middle. Her eyebrows kind of stole the show.

Her credit to separating the brows was the gluestick. But you could always opt for lip gloss  or even eye gloss to get this look.

So what do you guys think of this trend? Pretty or creepy? Let us know in the comments below.