When newcomers make their debut in Bollywood, they all have one dream in common – to be a superstar. But it’s definitely not easy to become one. The struggle begins from the moment they land an audition for their first film and it continues throughout their careers, long after they have become a star (when it is then called ‘competitive spirit’).

To create a lasting impact, many artists put in a lot of thought into their launch. If done right, it could prove to be a smooth ride that could open a lot of doors for them. If not, it could end their career even before it begins. There’s a lot of pressure hence, on actors when they are working on their debut film. And when you have a bunch of star kids being launched the same year, the competition gets tougher. Delivering a strong performance is their only option.

Bollywood hosts a lot of award shows each year to recognize and appreciate talent. And Filmfare Awards is one of the most prestigious awards actors try hard to bag.

Since the 62nd Filmfare Awards is just around the corner, let’s look at the list of actors who have won the Best Debut Award over the years. The list will show you how the industry has changed drastically. You will also observe that many of these celebrities are doing well even today while there are others who have somewhat faded away. 

1990s – The decade that gave us some old school romantic movies.
2000s – That confused phase when we saw a mix of sci-fi, serious, and romantic movies with a twist.
2010s – When the movies got grander.
2017 – When bio-pics became a trend. Who do you think will win this year? Comment below to let us know!
– Images created by Utsav Patel.