As women, everyone of us has unique tastes, interests and personalities. The fashion in which a woman dresses, does her hair or wears her makeup is a way in which she can express herself. Similarly, an individual's scent can also explain a lot. It often offers a glimpse of one's personality. Whether soft or intense, it should be pleasant when it wafts in the air as we walk by.

Having said that, it isn't exactly easy to find a fragrance that is a reflection of one's personality and is memorable at the same time.

To help you when you're in search of your signature scent or looking for a gift for your best friend, we put together tellers on how to choose perfume according to personality type.

The hopeless romantic
If you're starry-eyed, dream of Prince Charming, watch the same romantic flicks over and over again and are hopelessly romantic, yours is a floral fragrance. You could either think moringa, jasmine or roses.

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If you believe in yourself and your ambitions and always succeed at everything you set your mind to, chypre perfumes are for you.

Chypre - BookMyShow

Full of life
For those of you who are vibrant and have fun interacting with others, woody scents are made for you.

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The glam sophisticated diva
If you think makeup, fashion and lifestyle all the time, look for a fragrance that spicy or oriental. In fact, musk with a hint of vanilla would be great.

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Sporty and easy-going
For people that are easy-going and do not spend too much time on their appearance, a clean and fresh fragrance is ideal. This is because it smells good without attracting any attention. 

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The fitness enthusiast
A fruity fragrance is ideal for a fitness enthusiast given that it can uplift a person's mood and keep him/her energetic.

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If your love for food is unending, you have gourmand perfumes. Although these are not exactly popular as of now, they are slowly getting there. Honey, chocolate, apple, melon, caramel, strawberry, watermelon and cherry blossom are some of the more popular choices when it comes to gourmand fragrances.

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The perfectionist
Perfumes that have a hint of fruitiness combined with exotic floral notes, are meant for people that like to have every bit of their daily lives organized and sorted.

Fruity Floral - BookMyShow

The peaceful phlegmatic
For those of you that are highly adaptable, introverted by nature, avoid drama in life and choose to remain patient, reserved and diplomatic, classic fragrances are for you.
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Now leave the confusion behind when you go perfume shopping. But also make sure you can tell an original from a fake.