Who wouldn't love to smell great through a busy day? Surely, most of us would. However, can we all afford to pay for a whiff of fragrance every few hours? Probably not. So, why not try to get the best out of your perfumes instead! You can do so by making them last longer. Surprisingly, there are quite a few easy ways to smell amazing. If you do not know them already, we can take you through some of them.

Here is a list of ten such hacks that will help you make the best of your bottle of perfume:

Wet wipes can help remove any scent you dislike
If you suddenly change your mind about the fragrance you're wearing a particular day, you needn't worry. You can reach out for wet wipes to help eliminate the scent. Just rub the area of application gently.

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Bad breath is a big NO!
It is important to remember that bad breath distracts other smell. To help you, a good alcohol-free mouthwash is ideal.
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Spray in essential areas
To make your scent last, remember to spray the warmest areas on your body. Your neck, knee, wrists and elbows are the best places if you want the scent to linger.

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Do not rub wrists together
After you spray your wrists with perfume, avoid rubbing your wrists together. Rubbing your wrists reduces the time the scent will last by half.

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Do not keep your perfumes in the bathroom
Excessive heat, light and humidity causes the potency of fragrance to break down. To avoid this, you should keep your perfumes in a cool and dry area, most preferably away from the window.
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Vaseline can do wonders
If you want your scent to last longer, dab some Vaseline on the area you'd like the perfume to linger.

Should your skin be dry, some Vaseline on your skin before you spray, will help keep your skin moisturized and keep you smelling good.
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Pick your detergent carefully
If you want your clothes have a smell that compliments the perfume you wear, consider choosing a fragranced detergent.

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Yes, hair fragrances exist
You needn't spray your hairbrush with perfume. Instead, consider buying aerosol spray designed specifically for hair. Don't worry, your hair will not have an overwhelming smell since the molecules in an aerosol fragrance are much tinier.

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Carry foot spray in your bag
Having smelly feet is completely unpleasant. To keep the smell away, carry a travel size foot spray with you.

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Keep an oil-based rollerball
This is a quick and easy way to smell good through the day. Rollerballs are not only easy to fit into your pocket or bag, but they also give off a strong scent if you are looking for something that is not too subtle.

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