Well-done nails form a very important part of a put together fashion queen. They are one of the first things that people notice. Chipped nail paint can be a big turn-off for many people. Some even make weekly appointments at nail parlors just to get it right. These stylish women are never seen without a pop of color at their fingertips. 

If you ask fashionistas they will swear by gel manicures – they are smudge proof, look chic and last up to two weeks. No chipping, nothing! But not everything about this type of manicure is positive. Even though the manicure is a top favorite among the manicure loyalists across the globe, gel manicures tend to leave your nails weaker. There are many things you have to know about it before you get those envious colorful bubble nails. 

Gel Manicure

Pretty side: They are gorgeous and  last up to two to three weeks and that's the best reason to get a gel manicure. 

Different than acrylic nails: Gel nail paint isn't same as acrylic nails.  Gel is available in many shades, and these are made hard by being cured under a UV or LED lamp.

At-home kits: You do not necessarily need to hit a nail salon. Home kits are available that come with detailed instructions and a tiny UV lamp. 

UV process: The jury is still out on how harmful the UV exposure is. But you can be sure over-exposing to UV light isn't something you should put your nails through. Limiting the UV process time is a good idea. 

Weakened nail beds: The key is to make sure your removal process is perfect. There should be no scratching off or hurting the nail bed. The polish should just crumble off on its own. 

Gel Manicure

#TIP: Do not get back-to-back gel manicures. Getting back-to-back gel manicures is a bad idea. You need to give your nails the time to breathe.

Here's how you can keep your nails healthy with just three tips.

1. Keep your cuticle moist. Use a generous amount of oil on your nail beds. After the manicure, continue to keep your nails moist by regularly moisturizing them. 
2. Before getting the manicure, put a base coat of IBX. It will shield your nails from the chemicals in the gel paint and ensure your nails grow without getting brittle. 
3. Never pick your nail polish. Gel or otherwise, your should always use a proper method to remove nail paints. Use a proper removal kit or hit the nail salon.    

All set to get a gel manicure? Let us know how it goes!