Glastonbury is back this year with another season of glamor and pomp. Over the years, the festival has gained much popularity, especially due to the presence of A-list celebrities. Popular pop and rock musicians have headlined at the festival, while many others have performed on smaller stages. Fans from all over the UK flock to see their favorite artists, making it the largest greenfield festival in the world. And where celebs go, fashion follows. Since Glastonbury is mainly known for its hippie and counterculture movements, the style trends seen at this festival range from boho to goth to metal. Here are some recurring trends seen among celebrities at Glastonbury:
You are likely to see a spectrum of colors over the course of five days. Paloma Faith’s colorful poncho attracted a lot of attention last year. And we still can’t get over Rita Ora’s cow-print jumpsuit of 2014.
Glastonbury trends - BookMyShow
Fringes, tassels and feathers are highly popular among celebs at music festivals. Check out Suki Waterhouse rocking a colorful fringe jacket.
Glastonbury trends - BookMyShow
Mini Dresses
Leave the gowns at home. Glastonbury is all about cutting it short. Kate Moss is the queen of mini dresses, which she usually pairs with a funky belt.
Glastonbury trends - BookMyShow
Speaking about cutting it short, cutoffs have been a celeb favorite at Glastonbury. They really help beat the summer heat and show off toned legs.
Glastonbury trends - BookMyShow
Studded Belts
From boho belts to studded Moschinos to bedazzled straps, Glastonbury has seen it all. Sienna Miller’s belt from 2004 still remains one of the most iconic looks of the festival.
Glastonbury trends - BookMyShow
Hunter Wellies
Hunter wellies are a perfect match with cutoff shorts or mini dresses. Besides, they’re ideal for the muddy terrain of Somerset, where the festival is held.
Glastonbury trends - BookMyShow
Glastonbury 2016 starts today and we’re excited to see the new trends this season brings.