If you have been following Kareena Kapoor and her BFF Amrita Arora’s latest workout videos and getting all pumped up to hit the gym, here’s something that you would love to read. Kareena, who recently gave birth to the cutie-patootie Taimur Ali Khan, is working very hard on getting back in shape and more importantly, becoming fit. When she was pregnant, Bebo flaunted her pregnancy bump with uber-elegance. She refused to shy away from the paparazzi, proving that there’s no shame in accepting your body shape when you are preggers. Now, Bebo is sharing her post-delivery excerpts with nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, telling all mommies to let motherhood be a fun journey.






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So if you have recently given birth, and people are already taunting your flabby tummy, pay them no heed. Even the ‘Begum’ is done with the haters’ insensitive comments, and she is required to look to the T all round the clock. But Bebo is not someone who would let this boggle her down.






#kareenakapoorkhan shares her pregnancy rules – exclusive excerpt from my latest book #Pregnancynotes – link in bio

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Here are some brief notes that Kareena learnt during her pregnancy and post-pregnancy, which will help you get back into your pre-pregnancy shape:

  1. Start working on your body from Day 1. As they say, fitness is a lifestyle and cannot be achieved over-night. She says, “When Rujuta Diwekar (nutritionist) and I started on this journey, marriage was not even on the cards, and pregnancy wasn't even a faint idea in my heart; it started with getting in shape for a role and evolved into a lifestyle. I look the way I do because I have been at it for a decade, and not because of what I did or didn't do in the last two weeks or immediately post my delivery.”










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  1. “Pregnancy is a physiological milestone, don't confuse it with a sickness – and surely don't let the people around you, including your doctor, treat it like one. It's not the time to start or stop anything, it's the time to take everything in your stride, to go on. So keep up with eating wholesome foods, don't let some random fool tell you that it has too much carbs or fat or whatever. Wear the clothes you want and don't limit yourself to the mommy's section or whatever. You are alive, with another life inside you, so if anything, live every moment twice.”


  1. “Mother Nature has your back. Just like pregnancy gives you a specific shape, albeit a round one, post-delivery too, you are in a specific shape. Don't be in a rush to get rid of it. The extra fat is required for many important tasks such as lactation and protection of both the baby and the mom from infections and illnesses. If you have a long history of fitness and ate right through the pregnancy, then just like the body grew, it will also shrink back naturally. The key here is patience and compassion. Eating very little, or nothing, in a bid to lose that weight is just silly.”










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  1. “Don't forget yourself after you deliver. Give your body some recuperation time. Pregnancy is tough, delivery is tougher and the toughest job of your life, motherhood, is just about to start. It takes a village to raise a child, goes a famous African proverb. So surely allow your family to help you with the baby -the husband, maasi, older cousins, let them spend some time with the baby while you get some peace and time to yourself. Pregnancy and motherhood are fun, if you are ready to enjoy every change in the body, every milestone with your baby. Mother and child is a bond that transcends waistlines, religious lines, borders and beliefs. Here's to all of us, the women of today and the children of tomorrow."

Phew! This woman just makes us fall in love with her more every day. She is definitely an inspiration to all those women who ignore looking at the mirror because they think they look ‘a little fat’. So mommies, bid adieu to body-shaming, because it’s time to pat yourself on the back for coming this far. And remember to love yourself no matter what!